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Tips on How to Unlock MetroPCS Phone

Updated By Cameron On Dec 16, 2022, 9:09 pm

"Is there any way to quickly and effectively unlock the MetroPCS Phone?"

Users who have used MetroPCS phones know that it has a very professional phone lock to protect the security of users' mobile phones and data. It takes at least 180 days to unlock. Before that, there was no official method to unlock it. Sometimes, it will be very inconvenient. The details below will tell you more about MetroPCS phones and how to unlock it.

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Several Methods to Unlock MetroPCS Phone

Part 1 Several Methods to Unlock MetroPCS Phone

Here we recommend several applications for unlocking MetroPCS. You can choose the most appropriate method according to your own situation.

1. DoctorSIM Unlock Service

DoctorSIM provides a full range of professional mobile phone unlock services. It is an Internet based technology that can help users unlock mobile phones of various brands, such as iPhone, Bmobile, LG, Motorola, Samsung, etc. In addition, it also provides other advanced services, such as mobile phone recharging. Therefore, you can use the DoctorSIM Unlock Service to Unlock your MetroPCS Phone with one click.

Tips on How to Unlock MetroPCS Phone

Advantage: Fast and 100% safe.

Disadvantage: It cannot be unlocked permanently and does not support refunds.

2. UnlockBase Cell Phone Unlocker

UnlockBase Cell Phone Unlocker is a professional third-party application that we highly recommend for unlocking mobile phones. It is a good choice to unlock MetroPCS mobile phones. It has more than millions of users. Because its success rate of unlocking is very high, the user evaluation is very good.

Tips on How to Unlock MetroPCS Phone2

Advantages: 1. Effective refund policy. 2. Provide 24/7 customer support, with a good user experience.
Disadvantage: Services are sometimes unavailable.

3. IMEIUnlockSIM

IMEIUnlockSIM is also a popular app for unlocking your phone. The success rate is very high, but you have to pay a fee.

Tips on How to Unlock MetroPCS Phone3

Advantages: 1. Unlock is guaranteed. 2. Offer a free trial version.

Disadvantage: Temporary unlocking.

4. Mobile Unlocked

Mobile Unlocked is also a phone unlocking tool that can't be missed. It is quick and easy to operate, and very safe.

Tips on How to Unlock MetroPCS Phone4

Advantage: 1. Easy to use and operate.

Disadvantage: Too many payment options.

5. Cell Unlocker

CellUnlocker is a comprehensive application for unlocking mobile phones. It can unlock MetroPCS phones, Samsung, LG, iPhone and other mobile phones. It provides paid services.

Tips on How to Unlock MetroPCS Phone5

Advantages: 1. Price concessions. 2. Fast and convenient.

Disadvantage: The unlocking success rate is not high.

Part 2 Unlock iPhone activation lock with iPhone Unlock(4uKey) without Apple ID/password

The above are several ways to unlock MetroPCS phones. What about your iPhone activation lock? Don't worry, use iPhone Unlock(4uKey) to unlock your phone.

You can unlock your iPhone with iPhone Unlock(4uKey) according to the following steps:

Step 1 Download and install iPhone Unlock(4uKey) on your PC. After starting the program, select Remove iCloud Activation Loc.

Tips on How to Unlock MetroPCS Phone6

Step 2 Connect your iPhone to a PC with a data cable.

Tips on How to Unlock MetroPCS Phone7

Step 3 After unlocking, you need to confirm your device information.

Tips on How to Unlock MetroPCS Phone8

Step 4 The unlocking process takes some time, but you will soon be able to use your iPhone.

Tips on How to Unlock MetroPCS Phone9

Part 3 FAQs of MetroPCS Phone

Q1. How to unlock MetroPCS phone before 180 days?

Although there is no official way to unlock your MetroPCS phone before 180 days. However, there are five methods recommended in this article that you can try to unlock your MetroPCS phone.

Q2. How to obtain MetroPCS Master unlock code?

When your MetroPCS mobile phone exceeds the mandatory period of 180 or 90 days, you can get the master unlock code after paying, and just send a request to unlock the MetroPCS mobile phone. Then input the obtained Master unlock code into the unlocker in the MetroPCS phone, and it will automatically unlock your phone.

Q3. How to activateMetroPCS phones for free?

You can use MetroPCS phone unlock code generator. After 180 days, request the code by registering on the MetroPCS Phone website to unlock it. The MetroPCS phone unlock code generator will then immediately generate the code and unlock your MetroPCS device.

Summary of How to Unlock MetroPCS Phone

This is the way to unlock MetroPCS phones. However, if the iPhone you are using has passed the activation lock, please do not perform any other operations and download the Tenorshare 4MeKey to get rid of the lock without the help of professional technicians.