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Use Geekersoft free online screen recorder to save video without watermark, no registration and no payment required.
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How to use Geekersoft Free Online Screen Recorder to record Screen?

First of all

Click the "Start Recording" button to activate the online recorder.

The second

Select the audio device and other recording options to start recording.

The last

After recording, save the video to itself or upload it to the network platform for use.

Why Choose Geekersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

Tutorial simple course recorder
Online teaching or distance learning is one of the most popular education methods nowadays. A free online video recorder that can record audio will be the perfect tool to help you record your online learning. Teachers can use it to record teaching videos for students. And students can use it to record live while learning, which is convenient to review after class.
Completely free video and audio recording tool
If you want to display online videos or music without the Internet, it can be annoying. Geekersoft Free Online Screen Recorde will provide you with a local storage solution for saving music files. When you find the music you like, the online screen recorder can help you to record it completely, and then you can enjoy it without internet.
Better copy your demo video
In many daily content presentations, pictures and PPT are often unable to be fully presented. While the dynamic presentation of video presentations will be easier to understand relatively. Screen recorder is an essential tool in daily life. Geekersoft is a simple and convenient free online screen recorder, according to your needs.
Camera recording can be inserted
The video can be mixed to record camera footage, which makes video content more vivid. This Webcam recorder allows you to insert a camera to record your own presentation video, or to record multiple webcam videos using chat services such as Skype. Camera recording can adjust the size of each camera picture.
Edit & screenshot during recording
With this online screen recorder, you don't need to wait for the recording to complete and then open and modify the content that needs to be annotated. It can use its toolkit to mark color content, shapes, annotations, arrows, etc. while you are recording. It can effectively improve the efficiency of your recording and editing, and make your recording easier.

FAQs About Free Online Screen Recorder

How to record an presentation video

Before starting to record, select the webcam, drag the camera to a suitable position and lay it down, and then start recording the content on the screen. 

How to Record Screen on Computer

Geekersoft Free Online Screen Recorder is an online screen recorder, you just need to use this tool on our page on your computer. After the recording is completed, the video will be automatically saved to your local.

How to record computer screen with sound

Using the online screen recording on this page, you can completely record the sound of the computer system and the microphone. At the same time, the recording also supports turning off and not recording these two sounds, and the choice is completely handed over to you.

Can I use a webcam to record my screen?

This online screen recorder supports you to choose a webcam, and supports microphone sound recording, so that the picture quality and sound are synchronized to complete the recording, which meets the needs of various bloggers and online video teaching video producer.

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