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Free conversion of scanned PDF or pictures into editable Word, Excel, PPT and TXT documents.
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Three Steps to OCR word recognition

Step 1: Upload JPG/PNG/PDF file

Upload the JPG/PNG/PDF you need to OCR word recognition to Geekersoft Online.

Step 2: Waiting for conversion

After upload successfully, wait for the conversion to complete.

Step 3: Download the converted file

After conversion, click File Download to download the converted file.

Why Choose Geekersoft Online OCR word recognition?

How to convert pictures to text, and how convert scanned files to text?
Drag and drop the file to the box above or click "Select File" button to upload the image or file you want to convert. After uploading, select the language and output format of the document, and then click the button to complete the conversion.
Safe and secure, no advertising
We attach great importance to user privacy, all files will be deleted automatically after 1 hour of processing, you can fully enjoy the functions of this online tool, and will not find any ads. Will not be distracted by any unnecessary information.
High-level accuracy of OCR identification
Geekersoft OCR softwares extract almost all the text in the scanned PDF or image into the selected document format. And the exported file maintains the same layout as the source file.
Convert the scanned PDF or image into editable documents online.
This online OCR software allows you to convert scanned PDF documents, pictures, faxes, screenshots and ebooks into editable Word, Excel and PPT documents.
Non-VIP users can only convert twice a day for free. Becoming a VIP, enjoying unlimited service.
Join Geekersoft VIP club to enjoy convertting PDF to Word & OCR, and many other privileges unlimitedly.

We OCR word recognition for Global Users

The number of users is increasing, and you deserve it!
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