With iPhone/iPad/Android GPS Location Spoofer, change GPS to any location with one click.
  • GPS movement routes can be simulated with two or more locations on the map.
  • Change GPS location of multiple iPhone/iPad for free without Jailbreak.
  • Support importing game GPX files to simulate GPX file routes.
  • Simulate GPS movement with custom speed or joystick.
  • Support all LBS games and apps like Pokemon Go.

Change various virtual locations with one click on your iPhone/iPad.

GPS-based game location modification

Modify locations in location-based games like Pokemon GO to get more resources.
GPS-based game location modification

Dating App location modification

Supports changing locations on dating Apps like Tinder or Bumble to find more matches.
Dating App location modification

Social App location modification.

Provide your virtual location on Facebook, WhatsApp to prank friends and family.
Social App location modification.

Simulate real movement and play location-based AR games like Pokémon GO, Mobile Legends and more!

Two-point movement

Set 2 positions and then create a route that resembles a real move.

Tor-Point Moverment

Create routes by setting multiple destinations on the map.

Speed setting

Simulate GPS movement to set various walking, cycling or driving speeds.

Follow the GPX route

Import GPX routes under your friend's account to help you get rewards in the game.

Automatic movement

The GPS point can be set to move freely by clicking the central button.

Keyboard control

GPS movement can be controlled by keyboard W, A, S and D keys or up, down, left and right arrow keys.

Support multiple devices

The tool can support multiple iOS devices connected to the computer to fake GPS location at the same time.

The historical record

The tool automatically saves the address search records for convenience in the future.

Change location on social and dating Apps

AnyGo can easily change users' iPhone/iPad location, thus helping those who do not want to go out but want to change their GPS location or mobile route. It can help match more friends on Bumble and Tinder, etc.; Pretend to "travel" anywhere; Help inactive people invent running records, etc.
Change location on social and dating Apps
Import GPX files to complete your own route

Import GPX files to complete your own route

Create the same route by importing other users' GPX files, and get the same game rewards as other users. You can manipulate the map to view and start the arranged route, and then create the simulation from the GPX file with one click.Disclaimer: All legal consequences arising from the use of this product shall be borne by you.

User comments

Sean, U.S
I use it to play Pokemon Go and it helps me easily change the location of my phone to any address so I can catch more Pokemon.
Sun, Germany
Highly recommend this tool! I love its ability to change the GPS location, allowing me to locate anywhere in the world at will without leaving my house.
Zoe, Malaysia
This software is very easy, I use it mostly to modify GPS location and play some AR games.