Geekersoft Compressor

Geekersoft Compressor

Professional picture/video compression software, efficient and intelligent lossless compressor
  • Compression of various image formats;
  • Compression of various video formats;
  • Lossless compression to maintain image/video clarity;
  • Efficiently compress image/video size, freely adjustable compression parameters.

Intelligent compressed video

The software supports compression of the vast majority of video formats, such as MP4, MKV, MOV, WMV, AVI, TS, etc. During the compression process, you can view the preview of the compression effect at any time. After compression, you can view the compression rate and video file size.
Intelligent compressed video
Efficiently compress images

Efficiently compress images

The software supports compression of all popular image formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF, and TIFF. At the same time, you can freely choose the image quality to adjust the size of the compressed file, and the software compression allows you to retain the original format and clarity of the picture.

Why Choose Geekersoft Compressor

Fast compression speed

Geekersoft Compressor software adopts the most advanced acceleration method and compression technology to ensure fast compression speed.
Fast compression speed

High compression rate and clarity

Compared to other similar compression software, Geekersoft Compressor maximizes compression with high clearity.
High compression rate and clarity

Support batch compression

If multiple files need to be compressed at the same time, simply import the files in bulk to achieve batch compression.
Support batch compression

Software Features

Fast compression, efficient and intelligent

Batch fast compression of videos, images, and audio

One-key batch compression, efficient and time-saving

Batch compression of files such as videos and images, saving time and efficiency

Custom Settings, free and controllable compression

Support lossless compression and maximum compression

Easy to operate, perfect compression

Complete upload compression in a few clicks, safe and time-saving

Timely preview and worry free compression

Preview the effect timely before compression, which can greatly save time

Multi-mode switching, free to choose at will

Visually preview the selected compression clarity to meet various compression needs

Extreme compression, as you think

Suitable for large range compression, capable of extreme compression to the minimum value

Offline compression, file security is guaranteed

The latest offline compression technology with high compression rate, keep your files safe

User Comments

Sun Hao, USA
I have searched for many compression software, and when I saw this, I felt very good and downloaded it. After using it for 1 day, I felt it was convenient and easy to use, and the operation was also very simple. It is strongly Amway!
Wen Yan, China
Choosing this compression software is a wise choice, as it can help me compress multiple formats of video files. Love it!
Jason, South Korea
When I need to compress a video, I accidentally chose this one, and it is really amazing when I use it, and it is a very conscientious computer software.