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How to Catch The 10 Best Pokémons in The Pokémon GO PVP Easily

Updated By Soha On May 5, 2023, 9:29 pm

Pokémon Go is a reality enhanced (AR) pet development and combat RPG mobile game jointly produced and developed by Nintendo, Pokemon, and Niantic Labs in July 2016. It supports games that explore, capture, fight, and exchange Pokémon in the real world through iPhone and Android devices. The more Pokémon trainers catch, the stronger they will become, giving them the opportunity to catch even more powerful and rare Pokémon. In addition to enhancing the realism of the game with the help of technology, players can also capture their treasures and give them to friends in the game, and even connect to friends in real life.

Let's take a look at the top 10 favorite Pokémons in Pokémon GO and some tips on how to catch more Pokémons.

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PART 1 Top 10 and most popular Pokémons in Pokémon Go

In this section, we will introduce you to the top 10 Pokémons recognized in Pokémon Go, and provide a detailed introduction to the advantages, disadvantages, and best practices of these 10 Pokémons.

1. MewTwo

The most commendable Pokémon on the Pokémon list is MewTwo. MewTwo has powerful attack statistics and is a versatile skill, making it a bonus point for any team. MewTwo originated from the legendary telepathic Pokémon in Kanto. It cannot evolve from any other Pokémon outside of Kanto, nor can it evolve into any other Pokémon. It is one of the most powerful Pokémon treasures. In addition, MewTwo in Pokémon Go stands out for its amazing telepathic movements. If you capture MewTwo, then you will add wings like a tiger.

The most commendable Pokémon at the top of the list is MewTwo. MewTwo boasts strong attack statistics and is a versatile skill player that would be a plus point for any team. MewTwo originates from the psychic legendary Pokémon of Kanto, which can neither evolve from nor fail to evolve into any other Pokemon outside Kanto, and is one of the most powerful Pokemon. Also, MewTwo from Pokemon Go stands out for its amazing psychic moves. If you capture the MewTwo, you will be a tiger with wings.

How to Catch The 10 Best Pokémons in The Pokémon GO PVP Easily1

  • Power: Fighting, Psychic
  • Weaknesses: Dark, Ghosts and Bugs
  • Best Moves: Mental Blow and Chaos


Machamp is a huge four armed humanoid pocket monster with a appearance similar to that of Machoke. The main characteristic of Machamps is their ferocity and infinite power, as they can make approximately 1000 punches in 2 seconds. For other pocket monsters, Machamp can punch his opponent out of the horizon. Machamp was purple before evolution, but blue-gray after evolution.

For other Pokémons, the Machamp fighter Pokémon is extremely aggressive, and its dynamic boxing movements make it too difficult to defend.

How to Catch The 10 Best Pokémons in The Pokémon GO PVP Easily2

  • Force: Ice, Rock and Steel
  • Weakness: Flight, Fire, and Channeling
  • Best Moves: Dynamic Strike and Counterattack

3. Rayquaza

However, among the numerous Pokémons, the most aggressive one is the giant Rayquaza. It is a long green snake shaped pocket monster with yellow eyes. The shiny empty seat was replaced with black for green. Rayquaza has a triangular jaw and a slender body, and its innate ability is to control speed, height, and direction, as well as float. This Pokémon can only be captured through legendary raids.

How to Catch The 10 Best Pokémons in The Pokémon GO PVP Easily3

  • Power: Grass, Combat and Bugs
  • Weakness: Rock, Fairy Tale and Electric Sound
  • Best Moves: Rage and Dragon Tail

4. Tyranitar

Tyranitar is a large bipedal dinosaur pocket monster, covered in a green armored shell. Tyranitar has several spikes of different sizes protruding from the back of its head, neck, and shoulders. It has a pair of sharp teeth in its upper and lower jaw, and three claws on both hands and feet. Tyranitar is a disaster type Pokémon. Its madness can lead to mountain collapses, ground fissures, and river filling, so it will be necessary to redraw the map at that time. It can also summon sustainable sandstorms for a period of time, even during which it can sleep peacefully, thus constantly challenging its opponents. Tyranitar has a arrogant personality. When encountering mountains and demolishing buildings, it quickly damages Pokémon that cannot be immune to it.

How to Catch The 10 Best Pokémons in The Pokémon GO PVP Easily4

  • Power: Fire, Flight, and Insects
  • Weakness: Water and Grass
  • Best Moves: Stone Blade and Bite

5. Salamence

Salamance is a pterosaur Pokémon with a blue body and red wings. The appearance is very arrogant, with a big mouth open, revealing two rows of sharp teeth on top and bottom. Salamance not only looks like a pterosaur and can soar in the sky, but also spews out hot flames that devour the mountains and fields to express its excitement. This is a magical treasure that can fly and spew fire.

How to Catch The 10 Best Pokémons in The Pokémon GO PVP Easily5

  • Power: Grass, bugs and combat
  • Weakness: Ice, stone, fairy, dragon moves
  • Best moves: Dragon Tail and Dragon Meteor

6. Rampardos

Rampardos was a large, gray body with blue stripes on the tail, knees, and neck, a dinosaur-like biped. Rampardos has a blue dome on top of its head and is based on a real-life pachycephalosaurus with short forelimbs and long hind limbs. A Pokémon type, Rampardos' main attack power comes from his thick head. Its skull is as strong as iron and can withstand a lot of impact.

How to Catch The 10 Best Pokémons in The Pokémon GO PVP Easily6

  • Power: Flight, Ice and Fire
  • Weakness: Fighting, ground, steel, water
  • Best moves: Smack Down and Rock Slide

7. Metagross

Metacross is one of the more powerful non legendary pocket monsters in Pokémon Go games. It is a robot spider with a turquoise colored disk shaped body. Its design prototype is the fusion of two Metang, with four connected brains, forming a complex neural network with high intelligence to solve highly complex equations. The body of the pocket monster Metacross is transparent, which can prevent its statistical data from being reduced. Metacross can be captured in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, as it has acquired hard claws during evolution.

How to Catch The 10 Best Pokémons in The Pokémon GO PVP Easily7

  • Power: Defense
  • Weakness: Fire, Ghosts and Darkness
  • Best Moves: Meteor Mash and Bullet Punch

8. Lucario

Lucario is a unique animal that combines some characteristics of dogs, wolves, jackals, and raccoons. Lucario has a commanding appearance. There is a thorn on the back and chest of both hands, and the upper body is thin and small, while the lower body is relatively strong. Its eyes are red, there are more black stripes on the surface of its body, and the hair on the back of its head has also increased. Lucario can detect the waveguides emitted by everything, thereby reading their thoughts and actions, understanding human language, and learning the emotions of opponents who are 1 kilometer away. Lucario only goes to get close to the trainers who are upright in their hearts. This Pokémon has the ability to manipulate waveguides for hunting, and this power can even crush huge rocks. In addition, when its instinct for struggle awakens, it will use ruthless means to attack the enemy, and the combat style is a word for 'ruthlessness'.

How to Catch The 10 Best Pokémons in The Pokémon GO PVP Easily8

  • Power: Ice, Rock, Steel, Fairy, and Ordinary
  • Weakness: Combat, Fire, and Ground
  • Best Moves: Reiki Field and Counter

9. Grachomp

Grachomp is a hammer headed and shark like pocket monster with a mostly purple body. Its innate ability is to fly at high speed when folding and extending its wings. When it underwent super evolution, Grachomp's claws were replaced by red sickles. Grachomp has an angry, irritable, and powerful personality, making him a highly aggressive Pokémon.

How to Catch The 10 Best Pokémons in The Pokémon GO PVP Easily9

  • Power: Rock, Steel, Poison, and Fire
  • Weakness: Ice, Grass, and Insects
  • Best Moves: Dragon Tail and Anger

10. Mamoswine

In the Pokémon Go game, Mamosvine is a chubby mammoth resembling a pig, with two large tusks. Mamosvine is covered in brown fur all over her body, but she has a blue mask and a white edge around her eyes. This is a Pokémon with a very simple and honest appearance and a pig nose. Mamosvine has a large body size but is not very aggressive. Moreover, they do not like to interact with people and are afraid of contact, which leads to them attacking others.

How to Catch The 10 Best Pokémons in The Pokémon GO PVP Easily10

  • Power: Electricity and Poison
  • Weakness: Fighting, Fire, Steel, and Water
  • Best Moves: Mud and Avalanche

PART 2 How to Catch More Pokémon Without Going Outside With Phone Location Spoofer

If you are an experienced Pokémon Go player, you can interact with other players by rotating the photo disc and giving a gift to someone on your friend list. After understanding the advantages, best actions, and innate abilities of the top 10 Pokémon Go in Pokémon Go, we will now introduce how to more easily capture top-level Pokémon in Pokémon Go PVP. By using the Phone Location Spoofer - Virtual Location Tool, you can capture these best pocket monsters without going out.

Phone Location Spoofer is a location virtualization tool that is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems, helping users easily forge the GPS position of their device to any specified location. Therefore, Pokémon Go game players can use its position forgery function to capture their favorite pocket monsters. Phone Location Spoofer allows users to customize routes and travel speeds on the map. By transmitting the location of your GPS to anywhere in the world, you can reach places with more Pokémon treasures without going out.

A guide to capturing more pocket monsters using Phone Location Spoofer with virtual locations

To capture the strongest Pokémon in Pokémon Go, follow these steps by virtualizing your GPS Location with Phone Location Spoofer.

Step 1 Download, install, and launch the Phone Location Spoofer virtual location on Android/iOS devices.

How to Catch The 10 Best Pokémons in The Pokémon GO PVP Easily11

Step 2 After starting the Phone Location Spoofer, click on the "Virtual Location" option, and then connect the phone to the computer using a USB cable. And click on the 'Start' button.

How to Catch The 10 Best Pokémons in The Pokémon GO PVP Easily12

Step 3 In the pop-up window, click on the "Center On" icon on the right to display the location and view your current location.

Step 4 Click on the first icon in the upper right corner to activate the "Transfer Mode", and then enter the target location to transfer to. And click on the 'Start' icon.

How to Catch The 10 Best Pokémons in The Pokémon GO PVP Easily13

Step 5 Click the "Move Here" button in the pop-up window. Then, click on the 'Start' icon. Phone Location Spoofer will virtualize the GPS of your Android or iOS device to the location you want.

How to Catch The 10 Best Pokémons in The Pokémon GO PVP Easily14

By following the steps above, you can use Phone Location Spoofer to virtual the GPS location on your Android or iOS device to catch the strongest Pokémon in Pokémon Go and enhance your gaming experience.


In this article, we first introduced you to the top 10 and most popular Pokémons in Pokémon Go, and then introduced the steps to capture the strongest Pokémon in Pokémon Go by using Phone Location Spoofer to virtual GPS positions on Android or iOS devices. We hope it can be helpful to you. If you want to catch more top-notch Pokémon without leaving the house, try the one-stop and joystick functions of Phone Location Spoofer.