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Top 10 Effective Android GPS Tracking Apps for Tracking Android Devices in 2024

Updated By Amy On Apr 17, 2023, 5:43 pm

"Is there any software that lets me know where my child is at any time?"

GPS is short for Global Positioning System. Specifically, GPS refers to the use of GPS or global positioning system technology to determine the exact geographical location of something or someone. GPS was first developed for the needs of the military field, and later promoted to civilian and commercial fields, such as car navigation and ship navigation. With the widespread application of electronic products, GPS based merchants have developed electronic watches and other devices for viewing children's positions, to help parents understand their children's positions anytime and anywhere. If you also need to know someone's location, don't miss out on the Top 10 Effective Android GPS Tracking Apps for Tracking Android Devices in 2023 promoted in this article.

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Top 10 Android GPS Tracking Applications in 2023

Parents' love for their children is all-encompassing and permeates every aspect of their children's lives. Sometimes, some children may have their own thoughts, only selectively or not telling their parents about themselves, such as their whereabouts. However, for safety reasons, parents need to know where their children are and whether they are safe. At this point, it is necessary to use advanced devices such as GPS tracker applications for assistance.

The GPS position tracking application allows parents to keep track of their child's GPS position at all times, knowing that their child is in a safe location, and providing parents with peace of mind. How to choose the best among the numerous GPS tracking applications in the industry? This article will provide you with a detailed introduction to the 10 best GPS trackers for Android phones for you to choose from.

1. FamiSafe GPS Tracker Application

FamiSafe GPS is an application designed for safety tracking and child monitoring. You can use FamiSafe to track your child's GPS location online in real-time, and even view the GPS history of places they have visited. FamiSafe GPS is a tracker application suitable for Android devices.

Android GPS Tracking Apps for Tracking Android Devices

Features of FamiSafe GPS

  • Support real-time tracking of location and viewing GPS history.
  • Support users to customize geofencing and receive alerts when children reach the geofencing location.
  • Monitor app usage and phone activity on children's Android and iOS devices.
  • Provide security services to prevent dangerous applications and websites such as pornography or gambling.
  • Detect explicit content on mainstream social media applications.

2. GPS Phone Tracker

If you're looking for the best Android tracking App to track someone's location, GPS Phone Tracker is a perfect choice. Its simple operation makes it one of the most reliable GPS trackers. Install this app on your and your child's Android phones, and you'll be able to track your child's real-time location anytime, anywhere.

Android GPS Tracking Apps for Tracking Android Devices2

Features of GPS Phone Tracker

  • Track GPS position at any time.
  • Support setting to receive alerts when reaching a specific location.
  • You can also use GPS Phone Tracker to find lost Android devices.

3. Family Locator - GPS locator

Family Locator is a powerful GPS tracker App that helps parents keep track of their children at all times. It helps parents make sure their children are out of dangerous locations. You can set your child to receive alerts when they arrive at certain locations, such as school or home. Also, you can track multiple children through a single account. The Family Locator is one of the simplest and most useful GPS trackers for Android.

Android GPS Tracking Apps for Tracking Android Devices3

Features of Family Locator

  • Advanced GPS tracking technology enables real-time, accurate tracking.
  • Geo-fencing can be set up to track and receive alerts when they arrive at a specific destination based on real-time GPS location.
  • Strong customer service.
  • One account can track multiple people.

4. My home GPS tracker

My home GPS tracker is an Android GPS tracker that combines GPS tracking and chat services in one. It's easy to use, safe and reliable, and you can chat with your spouse or kids anytime and anywhere. This is really a great GPS tracker.

Android GPS Tracking Apps for Tracking Android Devices4

Features of My home GPS tracker

  • You can check your child's real-time location at any time.
  • Its children's mode is very practical and does not allow children to turn off location services.
  • Its advanced mode allows you to view the environment around your child.
  • Support viewing the location history of tracking targets.

5. Find My kids - GPS Tracker

To track the real-time location of children, you can also choose the GPS tracker- Find My kids. This is a tracking application suitable for Android devices, which can help you check your child's location at any time. If you need a child who tracks trends, its powerful GPS tracking function can make you do more with less.

Android GPS Tracking Apps for Tracking Android Devices5

Features of Find My Kids

  • Geofencing allows you to receive alerts when your child arrives at a certain location.
  • Safe and easy to use.
  • Support checking the battery level on children's devices.
  • No registration required.

6. ESET Parental Control

As the name implies, ESET Parental Control is a comprehensive child real-time location tracking tool suitable for Android deivces. With ESET Parental Control, you will be able to both track your child's location in real time and view their location history. In addition, you can monitor their device usage, such as calls, text messages, Internet history, etc. It is a one-stop Android tracker App that helps parents get a comprehensive picture of their child's condition anytime, anywhere.

Android GPS Tracking Apps for Tracking Android Devices6

Features of ESET Parental Control

  • Provide detailed, comprehensive location history reports.
  • Tracking GPS position in real time.
  • It also supports viewing your child's web history and app usage.

7. Home locator and security

Home Locator and Security is another GPS tracker that runs on Android devices. It helps users know their child's location in real time. In addition, it provides an emergency button that children can press to remind parents in an emergency situation.

Android GPS Tracking Apps for Tracking Android Devices7

Features of Home locator and security

  • Real-time location tracking is supported.
  • You can set up notifications to be sent when your child leaves or arrives somewhere.
  • Use the emergency button to quickly share real-time location.

8. MMGuardian Parent App

MMGuardian Parent App is a control App for parents that includes GPS tracking to help users get the real-time location of their children. You can check the location of your child's device online at any time and get updates on their location.

Android GPS Tracking Apps for Tracking Android Devices8

Features of the MMGuardian Parent App

  • Obtain real-time GPS location.
  • Support setting screen usage duration to limit device usage.
  • Block spam texts and phone calls.
  • Block potentially risky applications and websites.
  • User friendly interface.

9. Kids Phone Tracker

A GPS tracker suitable for Android devices, you can also consider Kids Phone Tracker. This is another application that can help parents keep track of their children's whereabouts at any time. You can check your child's current location at any time and also obtain detailed reports on their itinerary.

Android GPS Tracking Apps for Tracking Android Devices9

Features of Kids Phone Tracker

  • Tracking real-time GPS position.
  • You can view the history of past trips.
  • Simple and reliable.
  • Track other aspects of the device, such as text messages or call logs.

10. SeTracker

One of the best Android tracker is SeTracker, which is the last GPS tracker we recommend for you. You can use SeTracker to monitor and track the real-time location of children or other family members.

Android GPS Tracking Apps for Tracking Android Devices10

Features of SeTracker

  • Support to view detailed real-time GPS location information.
  • Support for geofencing, where you will be alerted when approaching or leaving a specific location.
  • Provide a historical record of the child's location.


If you need to keep track of where your child is currently, we recommend using the GPS tracker applications to help you keep track of your child's GPS information anytime, anywhere, to ensure they are in a safe location and not in danger. After comprehensive comparison, this article recommends the top ten GPS trackers suitable for Android devices. Whether using FamiSafe, GPS Phone Tracker, or Family Locator, it can help you understand your child's activities. You can download the most suitable parental control application and GPS tracker from the App Store or Google Play.

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