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PGSharp iOS 16? The Biggest Scam【HOT】

Updated By Cameron On Feb 24, 2023, 6:21 pm

If you are looking for information about PGSharp on iOS, don't miss this article. We'll walk you through the details of how to use PGSharp for iOS devices with NO ROOT Required, without sacrificing your device's warranty and security.

As a player of the popular AR game Pokémon Go, you may have heard of PGSharp. PGSharp is a APP that can help gamers forge and transfer positions in Pok é mon Go to get more elf stations, Gyms, nests, ray Pok é stops, raids, etc. It's a popular Android app that you can download from the Google Game Store. Due to some limitations on iOS, PGSharp is currently officially only available for download for Android. Fortunately, new solutions have emerged, and many iOS users have been able to install PGSharp on iOS deivces. Let's have a look.

Product recommendation: iPhone Location Spoofer

Introduction to PGSharp iOS

As we all know, PGSharp is a location-spoofing app for Android devices that allows users to enjoy POGO anywhere & anytime without actually moving. It's available as a Free Version anda Standard Edition, with over 30 features such as Custom Shortcuts, Spoofing Location, Spawn Booster, and more. It is loved by tens of millions of users around the world. Because of this, some iOS Pokmon players seek out the iOS version of PGSharp.

PGSharp iOS 16,The Biggest Scam

How to download and install PGSharp iOS

Although PGSharp does not provide official download of PGSharp iOS, as it is available for Android devices. However, you can try an unofficial solution to help you install PGSharp on your iPhone/iPad. However, you will need to install a number of other apps before installing PGSharp iOS.

The specific steps are as follows:

Step 1 Open your favorite browsers, such as Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and search and open applibero.com.

Step 2 Enter "PGSharp" in the search box to search and find the PGSharp iOS installation option.

Step 3 Install 2 apps or more to verify your device according to the prompts, and then install PGSharp iOS.

PGSharp iOS 16,The Biggest Scam2

In fact, we think this is a scam to download PGsharp iOS just to get you to install these apps.

PGSharp iOS best substitute: AnyGo [safe, free]

Many Apple users encounter difficulties in cheating Pokémon Go when using iOS devices. For the safety of your device, we strongly recommend that you use AnyGo location spoofing software, which is the best alternative to PGSharp iOS. It allows you fake locations and transfer locations in Pokemon Go to get more elf stations, Gyms, nests, rare Pokestops, raids, etc., safely and effectively, without any cost or jailbreaking.

To use AnyGo for location spoofing in Pokémon Go games, follow these steps:

Step 1 Download, install, and launch AnyGo on your Windows, Mac, and then click the "Joystick Move" feature on your home screen.

Step 2 Connect your iOS device to a PC/Mac using a USB cable.

PGSharp iOS 16,The Biggest Scam3

Step 3 Drag the slider to set the speed. For example, choose the pace of walking, cycling or driving.

PGSharp iOS 16,The Biggest Scam4

Step 4 Drag the middle button to circle and release it, then start moving. You can adjust the direction 360 degrees as you move.

PGSharp iOS 16,The Biggest Scam5


1. Can PGSharp be used on iOS devices?

No! PGSharp is available for Android devices only. It is not compatible with iOS devices due to some limitations.

2. Can I spoof Pokémon Go on iOS?

Sure, AnyGo is an effective and secure location-spoofing app that helps you get anywhere on the map in Pokémon Go without actually moving, and no need to jailbreak or root your device.

3. Is there an official way to download PGSharp iOS?

No. PGSharp does not offer a PGSharp iOS download route because it is not available for iOS devices. You can try the unofficial route above. In addition, we provide the best alternative to spoofing Pokémon Go for PGSharp iOS, safe and effective.


There is currently no official PGSharp iOS version. Be careful if you try to install PGSharp iOS using the unofficial methods. To keep your device safe, we recommend AnyGo, the best alternative to PGSharp iOS. It will provide location spoofing for your Apple device in a safe, efficient way, allowing you to get the best Pokémon Go experience.