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Introduction to Tinder++ App Download

Updated By Tom On Sep 23, 2022, 6:57 pm

Before we introduce Tinder++ related information, let's get to know Tinder first.

Tinder is a mobile dating App that runs on iPhone and Android devices. Based on the user's GPS location, 4 objects within a certain distance are recommended for the user every day. Tinder gives scores based on the number of mutual friends, common interests and relationships on Facebook between the two parties, and the recommended object with the highest score will be displayed first. Of course, the user can choose to "like" or "skip" the recommended object. If the referral you're interested in also happen to likes you, you can message each other, follow each other on Facebook, and organize offline meetings.

Introduction to Tinder++ App Download

If you don't find a match, then you can upgrade your account to Tinder Gold to increase your chances of finding a match. However, there is a fee to upgrade to a Tinder Gold account. Although for some, the expense is worth it. But many people still want to use the Plus features of a Tinder Gold account for free.

Here, we'll introduce you to the Tinder++ or Tinder Plus app, which you can download and use on your Android or Apple smartphone if you're interested.

The Tinder++ app has two different modules that support the full functionality of Tinder Gold and Plus for free. And it works on Android and Apple devices. So what exactly is Tinder++? The next content we will introduce to you in detail.

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Introduction of Tinder++ functions:

  • 100% free to use.
  • Get all the features of Tinder Gold and Plus for free.
  • Brand new options with better user interface.
  • Improved profile matching.
  • No ads.
  • Unrestricted to use Super Like to see who has visited your profile.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices, and more.
  • How to Download Tinder++ on Android Phones

    You only need to install the modified .apk file on the Android phone. The following parts are the specific operation steps:

    Step 1: Download the .apk file via the Tinder++ download link.

    Step 2: Check and allow device to install apps from unknown sources in Android phone Settings > Privacy Options.

    Step 3: Open the Download File manager, locate the downloaded Tinder ++.apk file, and click on it.

    Step 4: Click "Allow" to complete the installation.

    Step 5: Go back to your phone's desktop and tap the Tinder++ app to open.

    Step 6: Input your account to log in, then you can swipe unlimitedly to find your matches.

    How to Download Tinder++ on iOS Devices

    How to download the Tinder++ app for iOS 9, 10, 13, 11, 12, 14

    Are you looking for the latest iO version Tinder++? This article will provide you with the latest modified version of the Tinder app for iPhone 11/12/13/14, iPad and iPod.

    In the following content we will introduce you to three modified versions: AppValley, Cydia Impactor and TutuApp. If one of these methods doesn't work for you, try the other two.

    Method 1: Download Tinder++ via Cydia Impactor

    Step 1: Click this link to download the IPA file for Tinder++. (If "Cydia Impactor" is not installed on your device, please download and install "Cydia Impactor" first)

    Step 2: Connect your iOS device to the computer with a data cable.

    Step 3: Drag and drop the downloaded Tinder ++.ipa file to Cydia Impactor.

    Step 4: Wait for the installation to complete, then you can use Tinder++ on your iOS device.

    Method 2: Download Tinder Plus Plus via TutuApp

    TutuApp is a third-party tool that can help iOS users download Apps safely. The steps to download Tinder++ through it are as follows:

    Step 1: Click the link to download the TutuApp tool, and install it on your iOS device after the download is complete.

    Step 2: Launch TutuApp and search for Tinder++ in the search bar.

    Step 3: Once you find the Tinder++ app, click the "Install" button to complete the installation.

    Step 4: Open the Tinder++ app and log into your personal account to get started.

    Method 3: Download the Tinder++ via Appvalley

    Another tool for downloading Tinder++ on your iOS device is the Appvalley app. Next let's see how to use it to download Tinder++.

    Step 1: Click to download and install the Appvalley app.

    Step 2: Open the Appvalley app and search for Tinder++.

    Step 3: Tap the found Tinder++ icon to install the app on your iOS device.

    Step 4: Start Tinder++ to use the full power of Tinder Gold and Plus for free.

    Is Tinder++ safe to use?

    We all know that Tinder's main revenue comes from Tinder Plus and Gold subscriptions. Apps like Tinder++ are threats to Tinder. It's possible that Tinder will be updated with subsequent versions to stop the Tinder++ app from working. The Tinder team may also permanently ban your Tinder account.

    In general, using a hacked and modified Tinder app is risky. If you are okay with the risks involved with Tinder++, go ahead and use it. If you are concerned about the risks involved with Tinder++, then please stop using it.

    Why is Tinder++ so popular?

    Tinder is a free dating App that is popular all over the world. But like other freemium Apps, users who want to get a higher dating success rate need to pay a subscription fee to unlock Tinder's premium features.

    Tinder++ can help users bypass the trouble of paying for advanced features, by modifying the application version, providing users with free access to all Tinder Gold and Plus features, helping users to enjoy Tinder's subscription service without spending money.

    All you need to do is install the Tinder++ app on your Android or iOS device.