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Top 5 YouTube video downloader firefox

Updated By Amy On Apr 14, 2022, 4:28 pm

Firefox is an open source, clean browser, which can be applied to platforms such as Windows, Linux and MacOS. It is very small, much smaller than IE, but its browsing speed is extremely fast. Based on the Gecko engine, it supports multi-page browsing, pop-up advertisement filtering, convenient download management, and has powerful plug-in extension support, which is a common browser for many users. YouTube fans who use Firefox browser may be looking for a way to download YouTube videos to local for offline playback, if you are one of them, then don't go away, here we will introduce you 5 top YouTube downloaders for firefox browser.

Batch download YouTube in 4K/8K with desktop downloader.

YouTube video downloader firefox directory

Geekersoft YouTube video downloader firefox

This is a popular YouTube downloader for Mozilla Firefox users. It enables users to get media files(audio and video) from various media streaming sites such as YouTube, TikTok. To help Mozilla Firefox users easily download videos to their computers, Geekersoft provides free service, so users don't have to worry about financial expenses.

YouTube video downloader firefox

Enter the download and enter the preview page, right-click and select "Save Video AS" from the drop-down box to complete the download.

YouTube video downloader firefox7

YouTube downloader firefox:Easy Youtube Video Downloader Express

Easy Youtube Video Downloader Express is a simple plug-in of Mozilla Firefox that supports downloading YouTube to FLV, 3GP, MP3, MP4 format files. It is one of the Youtube grabbers that has existed for a long time in the Firefox add-on store. The specific use method is to visit Youtube videos after the plug-in is installed, a download button will appear at the bottom, and you need to download by clicking the download button to select the format.

YouTube video downloader firefox 3

YouTube downloader firefox:YouTube Video and Audio Downloader

Have you been looking for tools for YouTube MP3 Firefox? Here, YouTube Video and Audio Downloader is a tool that can work for you. It is a downloader that is installed on the browser and can be used directly. It turns out that when you view a YouTube video, a "download" button appears right below the video. It can be used to quickly download tasks.

 YouTube video downloader firefox 4

YouTube downloader firefox:YouTube HD Download

YouTube HD Download is a plug-in that can download high-definition video, suitable for all YouTube high-definition video download lovers using firefox, this product supports video download up to 8K, which is great for anyone who wants to watch HD movies offline via a large screen TV or projection. No longer need to tolerate the network delays caused by watching HD video, you can enjoy the experience of large screen cinema anytime anywhere. For firefox users who like to watch HD movies, it is absolutely a magic tool.

 YouTube video downloader firefox 5

YouTube downloader firefox:Youtube Downloader

Youtube Downloader is a firefox plug-in that directs the user to a download site and allows the user to access the site to download videos or MP3s. The website that Youtube Downloader for firefox provides has a certain amount of ads. For users who are tired of advertisements, you can skip it. For users who are bored with ads, you can skip it. For users who are tolerant with ads, it is also a good way for Firefox to download Youtube.

 YouTube video downloader firefox 6

YouTube downloader firefox:YouTube downloader firefox Conclusion

Top 5 YouTube downloaders for firefox is introduced in this article. We hope that all reading users can choose the most suitable for their needs. Most of the downloaders introduced in this article are free, which is very good for most users. If you find other replacement firefox downloaders are missing from this article, please feel free to share them via the feedback section with us.