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How to download music from YouTube music

Updated By Amy On Apr 11, 2022, 4:47 pm

YouTube is the most famous video/music playing platform in the world, and its music resource advantage is also very outstanding. No matter you want to listen to classical music, pop music, folk music, etc., you can always find it on YouTube. When you encounter your favorite music resources, you want to listen to them repeatedly without ads or play them offline at your leisure. In the case of not violating the terms of YouTube, downloading the songs to your device is the best choice. This article will introduce you to some specific methods of downloading YouTube audio for free. Take a look and save it for your information.

Five methods to download music from YouTube to mp3

How to download music from YouTube to computer free no software

How to download music from YouTube to mp3 by using software

Online Youtube to music section

Geekersoft YouTube to MP3

--Download music from YouTube to mp3 for free online

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to download YouTube music, YouTube to MP3 is a great way to do it. Geekersoft YouTube to MP3 can convert and download videos and YouTube videos into Mp3/MP4/WebM files. It is an online service that can be downloaded directly from computers and mobile phones.

Just follow these steps to download music from YouTube:

Step 1: Jump to YouTube to MP3. Copy and paste the Youtube URL you want to convert to MP3, then enter the "download" button. Geekersoft will automatically start searching your videos.

download music from YouTube music

Step 2: Wait for the video to be converted to Mp3, the conversion process depends on the video length.

Step 3: After a while, the audio and MP3 will be displayed directly on the interface for direct download, click it.

download music from YouTube music 0


--Download songs from youtube music

Converto is another online way to download YouTube music. It allows you to quickly and easily download from YouTube videos in Mp3 format. It can only download from YouTube URLs, and there will be 1-2 pop-up ads for each step on the site, so it's a good choice if you don't care about it.

Converto Operation Steps:

Step 1: Open the Converto YouTube to MP3 interface and copy the YouTube Music URL.

download music from YouTube music 3

Step 2: Paste the URL, press Enter and wait for the system to load the video content.

download music from YouTube music 4

Step 3: Select the MP3 format and click "Convert" to enter the conversion interface. The conversion process varies according to the length of the video.

download music from YouTube music 5

Step 3: Step 4: Click "Click here" to download the converted video.

download music from YouTube music 6


--Download music from YouTube online

Ytmp3 is a free online YouTube video converter and downloader. Overall it's an easy-to-use YouTube conversion tool that you can use to download MP4 and MP3. Because it is a relatively simple tool, there is only one quality download for each format and no choice of music quality.

Ytmp3 Operation Steps:

Step 1: Open the conversion interface of Ytmp3, copy and paste the YouTube Music URL on it.

download music from YouTube music 7

Step 2: After the system loaded the YouTube file, click "Download MP3" on the displayed interface to download. This step will open a new advertisement (remember to close it).

download music from YouTube music 8

Download music from Desktop Youtube

Geekersoft video downloader

--Download music from YouTube to mp3

Geekersoft video downloader is a full-featured YouTube downloader tool. It supports music video downloads from YouTube and other 1000+ websites. It can be exported to more than 10 formats, such as MP4 and MP3, and also provides screen recording function. Screen recording can be a great complement to downloading, but with the ability to multi-task simultaneous downloading and short sequels. it's a great option if you're looking for tools to bulk download YouTube music to your PC.

 download music from YouTube music 9

4K YouTube to MP3

--Download music from YouTube music to computer

4K Download is a product of a download software company that has been running for 10 years. The product performance and support are relatively good. It supports downloading from most popular sites. The free version can support 15 downloads per day. If you need to download more, you need to become a member. It is a fast and flexible tool, and non-member use for light download users. While membership is suitable for light and medium users.

 download music from YouTube music 10

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Special Note:

We provide the best tools we know for downloading YouTube music, but please remember to pay attention to the copyright license of the original video when using these tools. Some copyrighted audio is strictly prohibited for commercial purposes.

Can I download Youtube music to my computer, iPhone or Android device?

Yes, you can download it on a computer, or directly on an iPhone or Android device. The online solutions in our article can be accessed directly on a mobile device, and YouTube to MP3 can be successfully completed on a computer, iPhone or Android device.

Can I be maliciously attacked using YouTube downloader software?

There are a lot of malicious software on the Internet. After downloading this kind of software, it will infect the computer. You need to be very careful when using it. For this, we have specially screened when we provide solutions. The solutions provided in this article have been strictly verified and there is no malware, you can use them with confidence.

Can I play downloaded music directly when I go on a business trip or have no Internet?

Of course, all the solutions we provided can directly download audio files and store them on a local device, just like music stored in your pocket, and it can be carried anywhere at any time.