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[Fixed] How to Remove/Bypass Remote Management Lock on iPhone/iPad (iOS 17 Supported)

Updated By Amy On Nov 24, 2023, 10:16 pm

"How can I remove the Remote Management Lock easily?"

If you're also looking for ways to remove remote administration from your iPhone/iPad, don't miss this article. You must be very anxious when you find that your iPhone is locked by remote management and the device is monitored and cannot be used normally. To better remove or bypass a Remote Management Lock, let's first understand what a Remote Management Lock is. Then, a targeted approach is found to remove the functional limitations imposed by Remote Management Lock.

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PART 1 Introduction to The Remote Management Lock

The iPhone's Remote Management Lock means users don't have 100% control over their phone. Apple's administrator has free access to your iPhone and device's MDM profile and device management, and the administrator can lock and unlock your device at will. In short, your iPhone is controlled by someone else at any time. Apple's administrators can access the MDM profile to set up your device and its running XML files, such as managing Wi-Fi, passwords, email accounts, and many other features on iOS devices.

The benefit of this feature is that the administrator (Apple) can remotely lock, erase, or reset your device. If you want to avoid Remote Management Lock to protect your privacy, you can try this article to bypass/remove remote management on your iPhone.

PART 2 How to Verify That My Device Is Locked/Policed by MDM?

If you have purchased an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and can't tell if your device is regulated, you can try these steps to find out.

1. Click "Settings" to check whether the device is locked or regulated by MDM. The regulatory message should be at the top of the main "Settings" page.

How to Remove/Bypass Remote Management Lock on iPhone/iPad

2. Choose "Settings" > "General" > "Profile and Device Management" to view the modified functions. If the configuration file is installed, click it to see what changes have been made.

How to Remove/Bypass Remote Management Lock on iPhone/iPad 2

3. Also, if your device says "Remote management and xxx will automatically configure your device" yes, then it means that your iOS device has been locked/policed by MDM.

How to Remove/Bypass Remote Management Lock on iPhone/iPad 3

When your iOS device is locked by remote management, the device is regulated and remotely controlled, and users are restricted in using certain features of the device. In this case, the administrator needs to completely erase the device before resetting it.

PART 3 How to Remove The Remote Management Lock from iPad or iPhone?

Many users may have a headache about how to remove the Remote Management Lock from an iPad or iPhone, but for iPhone Unlock(4uKey) it's a simple problem.

iPhone Unlock(4uKey) allows users to remove an iPhone Remote Management Lock and bypass any form of MDM registered on the device. It is compatible with any iPhone/iPad model (including iPhone 14 and iOS 16) to remove MDM profiles and device management.

For instructions on how to remove/bypass a Remote Management Lock using iPhone Unlock(4uKey), you can follow these steps.

Step 1 Install iPhone Unlock(4uKey) on your computer, and select "Bypass MDM Unlock" mode on the home screen.

How to Remove/Bypass Remote Management Lock on iPhone/iPad 4

Step 2 Connect your iOS device to your PC using a USB cable.

How to Remove/Bypass Remote Management Lock on iPhone/iPad 5

Step 3 Before bypassing MDM, ensure that your device is located on the MDM remote management screen. Then, follow the prompts to boot directly or reset the device first.

How to Remove/Bypass Remote Management Lock on iPhone/iPad 6

Step 4 iPhone Unlock(4uKey) will automatically start bypassing MDM on your iOS device for you.

How to Remove/Bypass Remote Management Lock on iPhone/iPad 7

Once the bypass process is complete, you will be able to use your iOS device without any restrictions.

PART 4 FAQs about the Remove/Bypass Remote Management Lock on iPhone/iPad

Q1 What is Remote Management?

Remote Management means that the manager connects the computer or any electronic device to be controlled by means of remote dial-up through the computer network or both parties access the Internet, displays the desktop environment of the controlled computer to his own computer, and performs configuration, software installation, modification and other work on the remote computer through the local computer. Windows Server 2008 IIS on Windows Vista, XP, or Windows 7 to support the program.

Q2 How do I configure remote management?

To configure remote management on the computer interface, you need to open the computer management first.

Then click Server Manager.

On the Start screen, select Server Manager.

Then select "Properties" on the "Local Server" page, and finally click "Hyperlink Value" on the "Remote Management" property. And select the Enable remote administration of this server from other computers check box.

Q3 How do I delete remote management from my iPhone?

You can remove remote management from your iPhone for free.

Step 1 Choose Settings > General Section > Device Management > MDM Profile.

Step 2 Click the "Delete Management" button.

Q4 How to get rid of supervision on iPhone?

If it is supervised via Apple Configurator, you can cancel the iPhone remote supervision by restoring factory Settings. In certain cases, this method does not work and you must perform configuration changes to "Miradore" and "Apple Business Management". Miradore shows which devices are regulated. The monitoring status is displayed on the Devices page.

To disable monitoring on your iPhone, go to the Miradore page and click "Sign Up > Apple DEP". Select your iPhone, then go to Actions > Delete Registration Profile.


No one can accept having their iPhone controlled by someone else. Therefore, this article shows you the most effective way to remove MDM Remote Management from iPhone and iPad -iPhone Unlock(4uKey). With this unlocking software, you can easily resolve MDM lock issues. iPhone Unlock(4uKey) allows you to use your used device like a new one, without any restrictions.