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3 Ways to compress PDF for free

Updated By Cameron On Nov 16, 2022, 8:29 pm

PDF documents are used more and more frequently. Many high-quality PDF files are huge. These files not only occupy a lot of disk space, but also bring great trouble to the transmission. Fortunately, you can quickly compress the file size by using several PDF processing tools.

A good PDF file compressor will allow you to compress without reducing the resolution. So which is the best free PDF compressor? Next, we will provide you with some options, including local compression and online compression methods. After comprehensive evaluation, GeekerPDF PDF Editor is recommended.

Three ways to reduce PDF file size

Method 1: GeekerPDF - free download of the best PDF compressor

Geekersoft is our most recommended PDF compression tool. In terms of overall performance and usability evaluation, GeekerPDF can be used to compresse PDF files without reducing resolution and is easy to use. If you have ever used Microsoft Office software, it is easy to use this tool.

This is the best tool to compress PDF in a single click. If you compress a 1M PDF file, you can compress it to 100kb by simply opening the file and clicking Compress. In addition, this tool can provide many other functions, including viewing, editing, commenting, transforming, pages, signing, protecting, merging pages, splitting pages, deleting pages and much more.

Best of all, GeekerPDF is affordable software for all. No matter what version you choose, the price will be much lower than the same type of competing softwares. You can get all the features of the software at a very low price.

3 Ways to compress PDF for free

Features of GeekerPDF

  • It has a great reading experience and excellent performance in loading, zooming and scrolling pages.
  • It is easy to edit and modify PDF documents, just like editing Word.
  • PDF files can be smoothly converted to other file formats.
  • It can quickly create PDF files from other file formats.
  • You can sign the PDF file with a handwritten signature.
  • It has good support for encrypted documents.
  • Text content can be easily extracted from PDF with the function of OCR.
  • The basic features are free to use.

    Advantages of GeekerPDF

  • Easy to use interface.
  • Comprehensive functions.
  • Affordable price.
  • It is regarded as the most highly rated document management tool by users.
  • Method 2: Adobe Acrobat DC

    Adobe Acrobat DC is Adobe's newest product. Adobe is a PDF format creator whose products have PDF compression capabilities. But the Adobe tools can be overwhelming because of the number of features.

    Adobe, as the creator of PDF, has popular tools, but its products are relatively expensive. You can get professional tools for viewing, editing, managing, creating, and converting PDF files at a expensive cost.

    Adobe can help users customize toolbars. You can set your own menus, such as hiding unwanted functions.

    3 Ways to compress PDF for free2

    Advantages of Adobe Acrobat DC

  • Suitable for filling out government forms.
  • Support for custom toolbars.
  • With a full range of products.
  • Many functions.


  • The search function is difficult to use.
  • There are so many features that many people are overwhelmed.
  • It's too expensive.
  • Method 3: iLovePDF

    iLovePDF is a comprehensive PDF online tool set that includes PDF compression. This web-based PDF compressor can effectively reduce the size of PDF files. This tool is free to use, but there are limits on how long and how many times you can use it.

    3 Ways to compress PDF for free3

    To compress the PDF, you must upload it from your device or the cloud. Then select a compress mode and click "Compress PDF" button to start.

    After compression, you can download the compressed file to local or share the download link online.

    This online tool is worth trying to compress PDF files for whatever reason.

    Advantages of iLovePDF

  • Many conversion options are available.
  • It is a cloud-based service that can be used on various devices.
  • Efficient compression of large PDF files.


  • No free version;
  • Network is required for compression, and the compression speed of large files is very slow;
  • Lack of editing function;
  • The security of conversion files online cannot be guaranteed.