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Top 3 Effective Ways to Record Screen on Mac with Audio

Updated By Cameron On Mar 20, 2023, 10:25 pm

How do I capture the screen on a MacBook or iMac? What are recommended Mac screen recording softwares?

In today's society, online telecommuting has become a very common phenomenon. You may have participated in online video conferences, online courses, or lectures. In these scenarios, the Mac screen recording tool is a great way to record a MacBook or iMac screen so you can review the important information later. As a MacBook user, if you're interested in how to record video and audio on a Mac, don't miss this article. The Mac screen video recorder recommended in this article records everything that happens on the screen with extraordinary quality. The recorded video can be used to create demo videos or tutorial videos to help you teach or show off your results and merchandise.

During screen recording, you can add the location you wrote to your program to display all your mouse actions and snapshots, so that you can accurately see the operation process of your screen.

PART 1 Best way to use the audio recording screen on a Mac

To record screen on a Mac with audio, Apple built-in applications such as QuickTime Player can help you record a MacBook screen with audio. However, if you want to edit recorded videos or if you are a professional photographer with high requirements for screen recording, the built-in application may not meet your requirements. In addition, because newer versions of MacOS skip the recording option in the QuickTime player, you may encounter recording issues when recording screens on MacBook or iMa. Therefore, we recommend that you use third-party applications to record MacBook or iMa screens. For example, the powerful Screen Recorder application is a great choice, which can help users easily record high-quality MacBook or iMa screens and audio.

Screen Recorder is a perfect solution for recording screens with audio on a Mac. It supports customizing various parameters for screen recording on MacOS, such as using the built-in screen drawing tool in Screen Recorder to draw on the screen while recording to add comments and tags. After recording on the screen on MacBook or iMa, you can use the powerful editing tools of Screen Recorder to add or edit some content to the recorded video, which is very convenient! The steps for recording audio on MacBook Pro are as follows:

Step 1 Download, install, and launch Screen Recoder.

Download, install, and launch Screen Recoder on your macOS, then click the "New Recording" feature in the main screen.

Top 3 Effective Ways to Record Screen on Mac with Audio

Step 2 Set audio/video parameters.

Set audio and video parameters in the recording window. For example, you can customize the screen (all or specific parts) and the audio source (microphone recording or system recording, etc.) to be included in the recording. After setting the screen and audio parameters, click the "Rec" button to start recording.

Top 3 Effective Ways to Record Screen on Mac with Audio2

Step 3 Start recording.

Click the red "Rec" button to begin recording screen and audio on macOS. During the recording process, you can use the screen drawing tool to add comments for better presentation.

Step 4 Export and share the recorded file.

After recording the file, you can edit it in the editor. You can choose to save the recorded file locally, edit it and upload it to YouTube and other popular online platforms for sharing.

PART 2 Using QuickTime to Record a Screen on a Mac

If you are using an advanced Mac, you can use the Mac screen recorder in the QuickTime Player application to record the screen. QuickTime is a simple screen-recording tool that helps users record whatever appears on the Mac screen, such as playing videos. You can customize source-related options, such as Sound from System, Sound from Surrounding environment, and from PC Microphone.

QuickTime can record sounds from sources other than the system that may not work well.

Follow these steps to record a screen on a Mac using QuickTime:

Step 1 Start QuickTime Player

To start screen recording with Apple's built-in application, QuickTime Player, go to the utility and locate its icon and launch it.

Step 2 Turn on the screen recorder

Open the video recorder window in QuickTime Player. Then select the New Screen Record option to turn on the screen recorder.

Top 3 Effective Ways to Record Screen on Mac with Audio3

Step 3 Enable recording

Set recording parameters in the QuickTime Player recorder.

Top 3 Effective Ways to Record Screen on Mac with Audio4

Tip: If you have an older version of macOS, you may not see this option.

Step 4 Start recording

Once the recorder is enabled, click the red "Rec" button located in the on-screen video recorder window to begin recording.

Top 3 Effective Ways to Record Screen on Mac with Audio5

Step 5 Export the recorded file

Export or upload recorded files to a network platform.

PART 3 Recording a Mac Screen Using MacOS Mojave

Another tool you can use to record a Mac screen is MacOS Mojave, which has a built-in feature that allows users to capture video and audio from the Mac screen. Although there are many screen capture tools in MacOS Mojave, you can record screens on MacBooks or other Mac devices with just a few simple actions. Whether it's screenshots, video tutorials, or online courses, lectures, and forums, you can use MacOS Mojave to record screens on your Mac. You can record a Mac screen using macOS Mojave by following these steps:

Step 1 Open the screenshot toolbar

Start MacOS Mojave and use the shortcut key "SFT+Command+5" to launch the screenshot toolbar.

Top 3 Effective Ways to Record Screen on Mac with Audio6

Step 2 Select recording options

Locate the screen recording button in the toolbar. You can choose to record the entire Mac screen, or part of the screen.

Step 3 Customize recording related parameters

Customize your screen recording related parameters according to your needs, especially when you need to record specific areas on your MacBook.

Top 3 Effective Ways to Record Screen on Mac with Audio7

Step 4 Start/Stop Recording

After customizing the MacBook recording area and related parameters, click the Record button to start or stop recording. The above is how to use the screenshot tool of MacOS to record MacBook screens.

Summary of Best Screen Recorders for Mac

The iOS and MacOS supported by Apple continuously improve their corresponding functions according to the different needs of users in different periods. If you want to record a Mac screen, you can choose the macOS Mojave screenshot tool. However, if you want a perfect solution, you can choose to download the best Mac screen recorder Screen Recorder and follow the steps above to perform audio and video recording.