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How to Screen Mirror from Your iPhone to Samsung TV

Updated By Cameron On Jan 3, 2024, 9:44 pm

Do you want to mirror your iPhone's screen to a Samsung TV? Today you can learn how to do it easily! Wireless screen mirroring has become an increasingly important feature, enabling the iPhone's screen content to be presented on a larger screen. Mirroring features are becoming more common in both smart TVS and mobile devices. With screen mirroring, you can easily display your iPhone's screen content on your Samsung TV. Below, let's learn more about how to easily mirror an iPhone screen to a Samsung TV!

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PART 1 What is Screen Mirroring?

Screen mirroring is a technology that allows the screen of an iPhone or other mobile device to be displayed on another screen either remotely or using an HDMI cable. In addition to increasing the display size, screen mirroring allows you to share your screen with people in different locations, as long as they are within range. Screen mirroring is widely used in business, lectures and other scenes, which can realize the display of mobile device screens to multiple people.

For iOS products, Apple mirrors their screens through a feature called AirPlay 2. With AirPlay 2, you can wirelessly mirror your iPhone's screen to your Samsung TV without any cable connection. In this way, you can easily present your iPhone's screen content on a larger screen to better display the content. AirPlay 2 also supports multi-device connectivity, so you can connect multiple devices at the same time and easily switch between them.

How to Screen Mirror from Your iPhone to Samsung TV

PART 2 Why Do I Need to Mirror my iPhone to a Samsung TV?

Users may want to mirror their iPhone to a Samsung TV for a variety of reasons.

On the one hand, iPhone has become one of the important tools in people's work and life, storing data such as documents, videos or images. The iPhone now has a very high-resolution camera that can shoot professional-quality video. Some of them also have enough storage capacity to hold videos without uninstalling them due to capacity challenges.

Samsung TVS, on the other hand, offer a good display size. Samsung TV becomes an alternative to Apple TV when it is not available.

PART 3 How to Mirror iPhone Screen to Samsung TV?

Here are some ways to mirror an iPhone to a Samsung TV, which you can choose depending on your situation.

Method 1 Airplay 2

Without complicated setup, you can use Airplay 2 to mirror your iPhone to a Samsung TV. Airplay 2 is a technology developed by Apple that allows users to stream various forms of content from their devices to Apple TV and other compatible devices. Many Samsung TVS produced between 2018 and 2022 support Airplay 2. With Airplay 2's new technology, screen mirroring is possible without cabling, image quality does not degrade from iPhone to target screen, and high-quality sound is provided. While Airplay 2 has many advantages, it requires a strong WiFi network to connect to an iPhone and Samsung TV.

On how to use Airplay 2 to mirror an iPhone to a Samsung TV, you can follow the steps below.

Step 1 Using Airplay 2 to mirror your iPhone to a Samsung TV requires you to connect your iPhone and Samsung TV to the same WiFi network.

Step 2 Swipe up or down on the iPhone to display the Control Center, tap the screen mirror option in the Control Center icon, Airplay appears on the Samsung TV screen, and then select iPhone.

The use of Airplay 2 is very convenient, but the premise is to ensure that the TV and the phone are in the same WiFi, otherwise it will not be able to connect.

Method 2 HDMI

Mirroring an iPhone screen to a Samsung TV via an HDMI cable is easy and affordable. HDMI is a high-definition multimedia interface that transmits high-definition video and audio from one screen to another over a cable. While using an HDMI mirrored screen has its advantages, the main challenge among them is that your iPhone still needs to be physically connected to the screen, reducing its mobility. That means mirroring the iPhone's screen to a Samsung TV using an HDMI cable.

To use an HDMI cable to mirror an iPhone to a Samsung TV, you need to complete the following steps.

Step 1 Plug the HDMI cable into the output of your iPhone and the HDMI port on your Samsung TV.

Step 2 Press the Source or Input key on the TV remote control. Press this key to display a list of possible input sources on the TV screen.

Step 3 Select HDMI from the list that is displayed.

Step 4 The iPhone screen will be mirrored on the screen and you will be able to play or display any media and live game interface.
While an HDMI cable mirroring screen can solve the iPhone's mobility problem, it still requires a direct connection to achieve it.

Method 3 Samsung Smart View

This section introduces the Samsung Smart View , a free app that turns your iPhone into a remote control for your Samsung TV. Not only that, you can use it to mirror the iPhone screen onto a Samsung TV, as long as the TV and iPhone are connected to the same WiFi network. Although the software is very simple to use, the fact that you need to download an app may deter some users. In addition, some versions of the iPhone may not be compatible with the software.

For instructions on how to use the Samsung Smart View to mirror your iPhone to a Samsung TV, try these steps.

Step 1 Swipe down on the iPhone screen to display the Control Center, where the Smart View icon should appear.

Step 2 Tap the Samsung Smart View icon and select your TV from the available devices. If the TV is on the same WiFi network as the iPhone, the TV should appear automatically.

Step 3 Enter the PIN code provided to complete the connection, and your iPhone screen will appear on the TV.

FAQs about Mirroring iPhone Screen to Samsung TV

Q1.how do I use AirPlay 2 to mirror an iPhone screen to a Samsung TV?

To use AirPlay 2 on a Samsung TV, first make sure your device and TV are on the same WiFi network. Then, on an iPhone, open the content you want to mirror, such as a game, photo, or video. Next, click the "AirPlay" button in the top right corner. Again, select your Samsung TV from the options that pop up. Finally, a prompt box will appear on the TV, click the "Mirror" button.

Q2. How do I change the AirPlay Settings on my Samsung TV?

Go to "Settings" on your TV, select "General," and then "Apple AirPlay Settings."

Q3. How do I diagnose my HDMI connection?

If the following occurs, the HDMI cable is damaged:

The picture sparkles.

The picture on the TV screen was blurry.

When the HDMI cable is well connected, no image is displayed.

The voice is inconsistent.

Q4. How do I mirror my iPhone to the big screen without a TV?

If you don't have an HDMI cable, you can use Phone Mirror to mirror your iPhone to your computer. Just put your iOS device and computer in the same WiFi network environment, you can pair via Bluetooth, use the keyboard to easily control the phone, and enjoy the pleasure of the large screen.


These are the effective ways we introduce you to mirror your iPhone screen to your Samsung TV, hoping to be helpful to you.