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Compress JPEG to 200 KB- 5 Best Free Image Compression Tools

Updated By Cameron On Dec 2, 2022, 10:00 pm

In our daily life, we often need to reduce the size of image files, such as compressing JPEG to 200KB. In this article, we will introduce you to five online tools that can lossless compress images,for example, compressing images to 200KB will not lose image quality.

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Geekersoft Image Compression (100% free)

Our most recommended professional online photo compressor is Geekersoft Image Compression. This online image compression tool can help everyone compress JPEG files to 200KB in a few seconds. In addition, it provides users with selections of compression qualities to preview the compression effect in advance. Next, let's learn how to use this tool. The operation steps are as follows:

Enter the image compression page on Geekersoft's official website, and click "Upload Image" to upload the image to be compressed.

5 Best Free Image Compression Tools1

After a few seconds, you can click the "Download" button to download and save the compressed image to your computer.

5 Best Free Image Compression Tools2

Users with higher requirements for image compression can set a higher compression ratio by adjusting the compression quality.

5 Best Free Image Compression Tools3


5 Best Free Image Compression Tools4

PicWish is also a good choice if you want more alternative compressors. It allows you to permanently compress files to 200KB or less. In addition to the compression function, the tool can also provide image enlargement and optimization functions. Image compression steps are as follows:

First, open the online tool, and then select the JPEG file to be compressed.

Then wait for automatic compression of the JPEG image to complete.

Finally, click "Download" to save the compressed file.

JPG TO PNG Converter

5 Best Free Image Compression Tools5

JPG TO PNG Converter is another image compressor worth bookmarking. In addition to the compression function, it also has editing tools that can be used to quickly compress JPEG or JPG files to 200KB. Using this tool does not require any computer foundation, just install the image compressor and then operate according to the software prompts. The tool only supports JPG and JPEG images up to 50 MB. The tutorial for using JPG TO PNG Converter is as follows:

Access the page and click the "Select File" button to upload JPEG and JPEG photos.

Adjust the compression ratio to 100% before compression, and then click the "Compressed Image" button.

After confirming the compressed file, click "Download" to complete the compression.


5 Best Free Image Compression Tools6

11zon is a professional image compression tool that can compress images to 200KB. It is easy to use. With this tool you can get files of 200 KB or less. You can follow the operation tutorial bellow:

Click the "Select Picture" button on the page to upload the photos to be compressed.

Wait for the automatic compression of the image to complete.

Click "Download" to save the compressed photo.

Compress JPEG

5 Best Free Image Compression Tools7

Compress JPEG is the last reliable tool in our list. This online website uses different algorithms to help users compress photos. The tool has an easy to operate interface, which is very suitable for beginners. Please refer to the following for specific operations:

Visit the Compress JPEG website and upload the photos to be compressed.

Then wait for the compression to complete.

Finally, click "Download" to complete the photo compression.

Summary of Compressing JPEG to 200 KB

Overall, Geekersoft image compression is an impressive free tool, based on a comprehensive review of online user feedback and compression results. It helps all users compress JPEGs to 200 KB. Both JPEG photos, JPG and PNG images can be easily compressed. You can have a try.