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Top 6 Free Online Android Emulators for PC

Updated By Tom On Oct 13, 2022, 7:00 pm

If you are a veteran gamer, you must be very familiar with the Android emulator. Are you still struggling to get a good Android emulator? After trial and comprehensive comparison, we have compiled the top 6 Free Online Android Emulators for PC that are the most professional and popular in the industry right now. If you want to emulate an Android device on a PC to run Android games and applications, give it a try.

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Top 6 Free Online Android Emulators for PC

Top 6 Free Online Android Emulators for PC

1. NoxPlayer.Me Emulator for PC

Rating: 4.2/5

Time: 15-30 minutes

Ease of use: Moderate difficulty

Besides emulating Android games on your PC, NoxPlayer.Me Emulator is an emulator with tons of features, making it your ideal emulator choice. It's easy to install and novice-friendly, and loads quickly on all PCs.

This emulator is mainly developed for PC users to play Android games and also has a large number of Android applications. What sets it apart from other emulators is its compatibility with DirectX and OpenGL graphics settings, allowing users to manage the allocation of RAM and CPU power to virtual Android devices.

Top 6 Free Online Android Emulators for PC2

Main features:

  • Built-in Root support.
  • You can modify Android device build.prop
  • Support for opening keyboard mapping.
  • Support for running multiple games.
  • Capable of automating complex tasks.
  • 2. BlueStacks Android Emulator

    Rating: 4.0/5

    Time: 10-15 minutes

    Ease of use: complicated for beginners

    The BlueStacks Android Emulator is also a highly recommended Android emulator. It is trusted by over 500 million gamers worldwide. Although you may not have a high-end computer, as long as you meet the minimum requirements, you can experience the thrill of playing mobile games with a computer. BlueStacks Android Emulator pays great attention to the user experience, constantly updating the version of the app based on user feedback to meet players' ever-evolving gaming needs. It is a very professional Android emulator, highly recommended.

    Top 6 Free Online Android Emulators for PC3

    Main features:

  •  Minimum equipment requirements.
  • Memory usage is reduced by 50%.
  • Startup speed increased by 50%.
  • Efficient multi-threaded processing.
  • Huge library of game applications, over 2 million games.
  • Long-term on-hook, stable and efficient.
  • The best and most stable FPS solution, such as preset controls, shooting mode, saving keymap configuration.
  • Safe and secure gaming platform.
  • Real-time translation in local languages.
  • Users can record screen via video or screenshots.
  • 3. ApkOnline Android Emulator

    Rating: 3.9/5

    Time: 20-30 minutes

    Ease of use: difficult for beginners

    ApkOnline is a cloud emulation platform that emulates all the features that exist in an Android device, so it is known as one of the best Android emulators. It also launches the official android online emulator with a single click from a web browser. With HTML5 and Javascript technology, users can run any Android application online from anywhere. It provides an Android Virtual Device (AVD) that allows you to test Android games and applications online without accessing real hardware.

    Top 6 Free Online Android Emulators for PC4

    Main features:

  • Emulate Android applications anywhere, anytime.
  • Environment simulation that supports replication.
  • The device simulated by the simulator can support audio playback.
  • Various device characteristics can be simulated.
  • 4. Genymotion Cloud

    Rating: 3.6/5

    Time: nearly an hour

    Ease of use: Difficult to use

    Genymotion Cloud is an Android Virtual Devices for all your team, project, development & testing needs. It can be integrated with Android Studio or Android SDK on PC so that you can develop and test Android applications smoothly. Plus, its Windows app works both in the cloud and offline. Its main user group is developers, therefore, the needs of Android game game lovers cannot be satisfied.

    Top 6 Free Online Android Emulators for PC5

    Main features:

  • With all testing framework based on ADBAppium, Espresso, Robotium, etc.
  • With popular Continuous Integration solutions CircleCI, Bitrise, Terraform, etc.
  • Instant access to unlimited virtual devices.
  • 5. Appetize.io Android Emulator

    Rating: 3.5/5

    Time: half an hour

    Ease of Use: Difficult

    Appetize.io Android Emulator is also a recommended free Android emulator. Users can run mobile Apps in the browser for 100 minutes a month for free. Its interface is simple and basic, which is a good choice if you want to run Demos for your App.

    Top 6 Free Online Android Emulators for PC6

    Main features:

  • Support for embedding in your application.
  • Customize your startup page settings.
  • Create updates for existing applications.
  • 6. TestObject Free Android Emulator

    Rating: 3.2/5

    Time: 15-20 minutes

    Ease of Use: Complex

    TestObject Free Android Emulator is another online Android Emulator. Users can use it for free for 10 minutes after registration. Relatively speaking, its operation interface is a bit complicated, and the user experience is not very good.

    Top 6 Free Online Android Emulators for PC7

    Main features:

  • This is a cloud-based virtual App.
  • Support for uploading Web applications to personal test accounts.
  • Supports running on hundreds of Android and iOS devices.
  • FAQs of Online Android Emulators for PC

    Q1. What is Android Emulator?

    Android Emulator generally simulates Android devices on the computer, so as to run Android programs on the computer to test programs or play mobile games.

    Q2. What are the best Android online emulators?

    There are many best Android online emulators, such as NoxPlayer.Me Emulator for PC, BlueStacks Android Emulator, ApkOnline Android Emulator, Genymotion Cloud, Appetize.io Android Emulator, TestObject Free Android Emulator, etc.

    Q3. Can I run APK file without Android Emulator?

    The answer is, no. The easiest way to run an APK file is with the Android Emulator. Otherwise you need to resort to other tools like Remix OS.

    This article introduces you to the Top 6 Free Online Android Emulators for PC, you can choose the one that suits you best based on your PC configuration, computer skills, and other needs. But be careful not to download or share ROMs of copyrighted commercial games.