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6 Best Free Reddit Video Downloaders 【Proven】

Updated By Cameron On Aug 28, 2023, 8:11 pm

"What is the best free Reddit Video Downloader? "

Users from all over the world are using online social media platforms such as Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram and Twitter to learn about the world. The content contained in such social media platforms is comprehensive, intuitive and timely. Whether you are interested in travel, food, hot spots, games, or movies, live broadcasts, music, can be found in the mainstream social media platforms. As direct media communicators, they have created great value for users and, to some extent, promoted the development of the international community. Among the many media platforms, Reddit, as a social news site, has become a very useful forum that is well received by users. Redditors are able to browse and create and publish links to their own content or post their own original or user-submitted text. Other users can vote for links posted by content creators with high or low scores, and those with high scores are pushed to the front page of Reddit. Users can also comment on and respond to published links, creating an online community and platform for sharing ideas. However, it is not easy to download videos from Reddit at the moment. So if you want to download Reddit Videos to watch or play back offline, it will be more convenient to use the help of Reddit Video Downloaders. To save you time and experience, we've rounded up 6 of the best effective platforms in the industry to download Reddit videos. Let's take a look.

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1. YT Saver Video Downloader

The first video downloader we recommend for you is one of the easiest Reddit video downloader that many users prefer - the YT Saver video downloader. The YT Saver Video Downloader has a simple and easy-to-use download interface, and its download speed is very fast. The YT Saver Video Downloader supports users to download videos from various mainstream social media platforms, including Reddit Video.


To download Reddit videos using the YT Saver Video Downloader, follow these steps:

Step 1 You need to copy the Reddit video URL from the platform and paste it into the text box.

Step 2 Click the "Confirm" to go to the next page showing the video.

Step 3 Click the "Download" button to successfully download the video to the desktop.

2. Keepvid Video Downloader

Reddit videos have become an effective way for many users to learn about the world,, making it one of the most popular social media platforms. If you want to download Reddit videos, the top Reddit video downloader can help you get twice the result with half the effort. Keepvid Video Downloader provides a desktop application to help users quickly download Reddit videos. Keepvid's Reddit video download software is simple and efficient. In addition, the Keepvid video downloader can automatically integrate audio into videos.


To easily download Reddit videos using Keepvid, please refer to the following steps:

Step 1 After pasting the link into the address bar, click "Start".

Step 2 Choose from multiple download options provided by the platform according to your needs, such as video size and format. Later downloaded Reddit videos will be saved to your device.

3. Viddit.red Online Video Downloader

If you don't want to install any third party Reddit video download tools, then the online solutions are better for you. Viddit.red, for example, is a simple and fast video download platform that allows users to download Reddit videos through a variety of options. Whether it's audio or video of Reddit videos, you can download them without worry.


How to use the Viddit.red online video downloader to download Reddit videos, please refer to the following steps:

Step 1 Paste the URL of the Reddit video you want to download into the search box.

Step 2 Click the "Submit" button to open the video in a new window.

Step 3 Then click the "Download" option in the drop-down menu, and then select "Download HD video" according to your needs.

4. Keepsaveit Video Downloader

In addition, you can also choose the Keepsaveit video downloader to download various videos. It allows users to download Reddit videos without loss. The interface design of Keepsaveit Video Downloader is very user-friendly, simple, and efficient.


How to use the Keepsaveit Video Downloader to download Reddit videos, please refer to the following steps:

Step 1 Find the video you are interested in from Reddit and copy its link.

Step 2 Open the Keepsaveit Video Downloader website through browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge, and paste the copied Reddit video link into the input bar of the website. Then click "Download" to download the video to your device.

5. Online Video Downloader

Online Video Downloader, as the name suggests, is a platform that supports users to download videos online. Through the website of the Online Video Downloader, users can download Reddit videos and other free videos to their desktop. Moreover, it can also be used as a Chrome extension, which is very convenient.


How to use the online video downloader to download Reddit videos, please refer to the following steps:

Step 1 After copying the Reddit video link, paste it into the central input field of the video download website.

Step 2 Click the "Download" button to download the Reddit video to your device.

6. RIPSAVE Video Downloader

If you have certain requirements for the quality of the downloaded Reddit videos, then we recommend you use RIPSAVE Video Downloader. The Reddit video download platform offers a variety of video quality options from 240p to 1080p, very user-friendly.


How to use RIPSAVE Video Downloader to download Reddit videos of different quality, please follow these steps:

Step 1 Copy the URL of the Reddit video you want to download into the input field of the RIPSAVE video downloader website.

Step 2 Click the "Download" button and select the desired video quality.

Step 3 On the pop-up page, right-click on the "Download.mp4" button and select "Save As" from the drop-down window to set the appropriate name and location for the Reddit video to be downloaded.


The above are the 6 free Reddit video downloaders we have introduced to you, including desktop applications and online video download platforms. You can choose according to your own needs. Among them, the YT Saver video downloader is deeply loved by users due to its excellent performance. If you're not sure how to choose Reddit video downloader, then try the YT Saver video downloader as it won't disappoint you.