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15 Best Free Android App Download Websites

Updated By Cameron On Aug 4, 2023, 4:04 pm

As we all know, Android is a free and open-source mobile operating system based on the Linux kernel (excluding GNU components). It is mainly used in mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, and is led and developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance. Due to its openness, the Android system allows users to download and use a wide range of applications without restrictions, and more and more mobile users are choosing the Android operating system version. If you are also an Android user, don't miss out on the 15 free Android software download websites recommended in this article.

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15 Best Free Android App Download Websites

1.Google Play

Google Play is one of the most commonly used app stores for all Android users. You can access Google Play through Android devices and download millions of applications and games. It is compatible with all Android devices and very practical.

Free Android application download website1


Apart from Google Play, many users choose Handango as the Android application download website. This is another Android's largest application market, which supports users to download applications or games for free or for payment. Come and download the best application for your Android device.

Free Android application download website2

3.Slide Me

Slide Me is also an alternative to Google Play with a broad user base, offering a variety of free downloadable apps for Android devices. This Android app download site is well received by users for its rich range of apps.

Free Android application download website3

4.Android Games Room

Android Games Room is another site that allows users to download great Android apps. It allows users to easily download apps and games for Android devices. If you're used to playing Games on an Android device, the Android Games Room is an ideal choice.

Free Android application download website4


MoboMarket is also a great Android app download site. It allows users to choose their favorite Android app from millions of apps and games. As one of the alternatives to the Google Play Store, its excellent games for Android are also loved by many users.

Free Android application download website5

6.1 Mobile

1 Mobile, which many users are familiar with, is also a great Android app download site. It offers many of the best apps and games for Android users to choose from. This is a good alternative to the Google Play Store.

Free Android application download website6

7.Get Android Stuff

As the name suggests, Get Android Stuff is for those who are looking for the best app for Android devices. Not only does it offer a great Android app download platform, but most importantly, it has no ads.

Free Android application download website7


Among the many Android app download sites, Mobango is a good choice. It not only allows users to download various apps and games for Android devices, but also allows users to watch videos provided by the site for free.

Free Android application download website8

9.Play Android

Play Android is an excellent Android app download site that is loved by many gamers. It provides downloads of apps and games for Android devices.

Free Android application download website9

10.Apps APK

Apps APK is another popular Android app download site that offers users thousands of apps and games. If you use an Android device, then this app download site is worth trying. In addition, it also provides some of the coolest launchers and wallpapers, if you are interested to try it out.

Free Android application download website10

11.Opera Mobile Store

Opera Mobile Store is another alternative to Google Play. It is a powerful app download platform and it offers the best games and apps for any smartphone and tablet operating system (including Android devices). A wide range of apps and games can be downloaded from the Opera Mobile Store for all smartphones.

Free Android application download website11


Amazon Mobile App Store is a comprehensive smartphone app store, and it is one of the widely praised alternatives to Google Play. It offers a large number of apps and games for users to download and is one of the simplest app stores available. Find your favorite Android app or game.

Free Android application download website12


AppBrain is a unique Android app store that lets users download intellectually challenging games. If you are looking for cool apps for Android, then be sure not to miss this Android app download site.

Free Android application download website13


Appolicious is an Android app download site with thousands of free and easy to download apps and games. Its user-friendly interface is easy to use. In addition, it offers a great set of apps, so check them out.

Free Android application download website14


If you're looking for a Google Play alternative, try GetJar. It has a huge selection of apps and games for Android users, many of which are free.

Free Android application download website15


The above are the top 15 free application and game download websites that we have introduced to you for Android devices. You can choose your favorite Android application according to your needs.

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