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Top 10 Free Screen Recorder without Watermark

Updated By Amy On Aug 21, 2023, 5:15 pm

With the development of the electronic economy, screen recorders are increasingly widely used in various scenarios. For example, you can use a screen recorder to record online video tutorials, or use a screen recorder to record operating procedures or record game gameplay to share on social media and video streaming platforms. Currently, most free screen recorders in the industry attach watermarks to their recorded videos. Therefore, if you need to record a screen video without a watermark, you must choose the professional version to remove the watermark. The good news is that after comprehensive comparison, we have summarized 10 of the best free screen recorders in the industry. They are free recording software without watermarks that can help you record screens without watermarks.

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1. Geekersoft Free Screen Recording

Geekersoft Free Screen Recorder is an excellent free, watermark free screen recorder suitable for Windows/Mac users without time limitation. It supports users to capture any content on the screen for free, such as live performance videos, online dramas, food shows, game competitions, and movies. In addition, Geeksoft Free Screen Recording allows users to perform high-definition resolution recording and supports saving recorded files in WMV file format.

Pros of Geekersoft Free Screen Recording

Customize the recording screen area, full screen or specific area.

Support screen capture as well as webcams and audio.

Users can add text, colors and shapes in real time.

Support exporting recorded files in different file formats.

Support sharing to various social platforms such as YouTube and the cloud.

Cons of Geekersoft Free Screen Recording

Only basic editing options are available.

Recording from the secondary display is not supported.

2. OBS Studio

OBS Studio is another good free unwatermarked screen recording software. This is an open source software that works with all operating systems. It has all the features of an advanced screen recorder, and many professional video creators use the software to broadcast and record screen and webcam videos.

Pros of OBS Studio

Many advanced recording options are available.

Support recording at high resolution and frame rate.

Allow users to customize recording parameters.

With powerful video editing function.

Cons of OBS Studio

The user interface is not very friendly.

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3. ShareX

Another open source, free, unwatermarked screen recorder for Windows is ShareX. It helps users perfectly capture screens and upload recorded videos to various online platforms. In addition, recorded videos can be shared with friends and colleagues through specific web links. ShareX is the first choice for many users when recording screens.

Pros of ShareX:

Allow the screen to be recorded in high resolution.

Support taking screenshots and generating shareable network links.

Capture page scrolling perfectly.

Support instant upload of recorded videos.

Provide video editing functions.

Cons of ShareX:

The user interface is somewhat outdated.

The software has a steep learning curve.

4. Windows 10 Game Bar

The free watermark free screen recorder specifically designed for Windows users is the Windows 10 Game Bar. This software is suitable for Windows 10 and higher versions. As a built-in program, Windows users can use the Windows 10 Game Bar to record screens without installing any external screen recorders. You can access its shortcut to start easily recording the screen. In addition, the software also supports taking screenshots and recording through a microphone.

Pros of Windows 10 Game Bar:

Support recording screens in full HD resolution.

Customizable audio mixer.

Can capture the screen perfectly.

Support taking screenshots and creating emoticons.

Easy to operate and use.

Cons of Windows 10 Game Bar:

System performance may be affected.

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5. QuickTime Player

For free unwatermarked recording software for Mac users, we recommend QuickTime Player. QuickTime Player is a screen recorder built into the Mac that is easy to use. In addition, if your iPhone and iPad are connected to a Mac, QuickTime Player can also help you record the iPhone and iPad screen, which is very useful. After recording, the file can be played immediately, and there are no problems such as incompatible file formats. If you need to edit a recorded video, QuickTime is also easy to do, and the edited video can be easily published on various online platforms and social media.

Pros of QuickTime Player:

Support high resolution video recording.

Can record connected iPhone and iPad screens.

Video editing services available.

It's a built-in screen video recorder for Mac, no installation required.

Cons of QuickTime Player:

Not applicable to Windows operating system.

6. VLC Media Player

In addition to the function of multimedia playback, VLC media player can also help users record the screen for free. Therefore, if you are looking for a one-stop software for screen recording, playing audio and video, then VLC Media Player is a good choice. Free on-screen video recording via VLC media player without any watermarks. Also, there is no limit to the recording time of VLC Media Player.

Pros of VLC Media Player:

Record and play video files.

Users can use hotkeys and shortcuts to control the recording process.

The recorded video can be output in different file formats.

Available for all operating systems.

Cons of VLC Media Player:

There are limited Settings to adjust.

User-defined recording areas are not supported.

7. Debut Video Capture

Another recommended multi-functional, watermark free recording software is Debut Video Capture. The free version of this screen recording software is suitable for home and personal use, and can be used without registering after downloading. It allows users to customize the screen recording area and even record webcams. In addition, Debut Video Capture also supports capturing the screen of any external device. Users can delay recording or capture screenshots as needed. It also supports saving recordings in multiple file formats.

Pros of Debut Video Capture:

Support recording of any screen area.

Support user customization or adjustment of recording parameters.

Support capturing system and microphone audio.

Provide basic editing options.

Support users to add their own watermarks, logos, and text.

Cons of Debut Video Capture:

It takes some time to get familiar with the interface of the software.

8. Screencast-O-Matic

Screencast O-Matic is an online free screen recorder. It is compatible with all devices and recorded videos have no watermarks. Simply connect to the network and users can record screens anytime, anywhere. As an online screen recorder, you need to install its launcher on the device and start recording immediately. In addition, its professional version provides more features and functions to meet users' more professional and diverse needs. For example, the professional version of Screencast O-Matic allows users to add text and draw shapes in real-time while recording the screen.

Pros of Screencast-O-Matic:

Support capturing any area of the screen.

Allow users to add webcam video and audio to recordings.

Provide screen recording in picture-in-picture mode.

Real-time drawing and annotation are allowed during recording.

Stock images and music can be added to recordings.

Cons of Screencast-O-Matic:

Only basic editing functions are available.

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9. Flashback Express

Flashback Express is a free unwatermarked recording software for Windows operating system. It has a large number of professional quality recording functions and is the screen recorder that many online adults and game players will choose. Although the free version of this screen recorder only provides limited advanced features, it can help you perform excellent screen recording work. Flashback Express supports recording screens, webcams, and microphones. It even allows recording from multiple screens. In addition, users can edit recorded videos and publish them on social media such as YouTube.

Pros of Flashback Express:

Allow users to customize the screen area.

Support multi screen and multi device capture.

Support high-resolution recording of games or desktop operations.

Can record both microphone and system sound simultaneously.

Provide basic editing functions.

Support saving recordings in different file formats.

Cons of Flashback Express:

The free version offers only limited features.

The user interface needs to be optimized.

10. Recordcast

Recordcast is a free online screen recording tool. You can also choose Recordcast, which helps users record screens without watermarks. Simply connect to a stable network, no software or extensions need to be installed, and then you can record and edit recordings anytime, anywhere with just a few clicks. In addition, Recordcast also offers users a professional version with no recording time limit. Recordcast also allows users to record the screen and webcam simultaneously or separately.

Pros of Recordcast:

Support recording screens in high resolution.

Record screen and webcam simultaneously.

Allow users to instantly edit recorded videos and save recordings locally.

Cons of Recordcast:

The free version allows only 5 minutes of recording.


The above are the 10 latest free unwatermarked screen recorders we have introduced to you. It includes desktop software and online screen recorders. You can choose according to your own needs. If you need a professional and reliable screen recorder, we recommend using Geekersoft Free Screen Recording, which has powerful screen recording capabilities, allows users to record high-definition resolutions, and supports users to share recorded videos on various social platforms such as YouTube and the cloud.