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How to Use RecoverGo(Android)

Updated By Tom On Oct 10, 2022, 4:56 pm

Recover Deleted data from Android devices

How do you retrieve photos or other files that you accidentally deleted from your Android device? The following section describes how to recover lost files using RecoverGo(Android), either from internal access or from an SD card.

Steps for recovering data from Android devices:

Step 1 Download and install RecoverGo (Android), and then connect the device.

Launch the software after downloading and installing RecoverGo(Android) via the top button, after which connect your Android device to your computer via a USB cable. Finally select "Recover Deleted Data from Device" .

How to Use RecoverGo(Android)

Step 2 Scan the Android device to be recovered

Select all the file types you want to restore (the default is All selected), then click "Scan" in the lower right corner to start scanning.

How to Use RecoverGo(Android)2

Step 3 Enable USB debugging mode on your phone

Android mobile phone needs to select the USB debugging mode before scanning due to permission restrictions ( https://itoolab.com/guide/usb-debugging-android/ ), which can be operated according to the prompts on the interface.

After connecting the Android device to the computer with the USB cable, select the Transfer Files option.

Select "Settings" to enter and find "Build number".

Then click "Build number" 7 times in a row, and then return to the "Settings" interface to search.

Search "developer options" in the search interface, and then open it with USB debugging mode.

How to Use RecoverGo(Android)3

After completing the above operations, a pop-up window will prompt you to allow USB debugging on your Android phone. Select OK to allow debugging.

If there is no prompt on your Android phone, you can click "Display again" on the software to try again. If the retry is invalid, you can try again to open the USB debugging option.

How to Use RecoverGo(Android)4

Step 4 Wait for the selected format files to be searched and scanned.

After the USB debugging is enabled, the software will automatically enter the scanning interface. The scanning process will take several minutes. During the scanning process, you need to unlock your phone until the scanning is completed.

How to Use RecoverGo(Android)5

If the mobile phone is locked during scanning, the device will receive a warning notice.

How to Use RecoverGo(Android)6

After scanning, you can see all the scanned data waiting for recovery on the RecoverGo software.

How to Use RecoverGo(Android)7

Step 5 Recover the lost data/files

The next operation is to locate the data/files to be recovered in the file directory, and then select them.

How to Use RecoverGo(Android)8

After confirming the files to be recovered, click "Recover" in the lower right corner of the interface to restore the files to your computer.

How to Use RecoverGo(Android)9

Restore deleted WhatsApp data

RecoverGo (Android) can help you easily recover deleted WhatsApp messages without backup. It supports restoring more than 10 types of files from WhatsApp, such as attachments, stickers, and voice notes.

How to recover WhatsApp data?

Step 1 Connect your Android device and computer.

Start the RecoverGo (Android) program, and then select the "Recover Deleted WhatsApp Data" function to enter.

How to Use RecoverGo(Android)10

Step 2 Enable USB debugging mode of the device

Just like restoring files directly from the device, you also need to enable USB debugging on your device to allow RecoverGo (Android) to access your device and find the deleted WhatsApp data.

How to Use RecoverGo(Android)11

Step 3 Scan and find the deleted WhatsApp data

Next, you will see the interface of data formats to be scanned. Click "Scan" in the lower right corner.

How to Use RecoverGo(Android)12

Before scanning, RecoverGo (Android) will prompt you to log into your WhatsApp account.

How to Use RecoverGo(Android)13

Step 4 Backup WhatsApp data

In the following steps, you need to follow the instructions on the interface to complete the backup of your WhatsApp data.

Specific backup operations: click the more information logo>Settings>Chat>Chat Backup>Backup to Google Cloud Disk (never)>Backup.

How to Use RecoverGo(Android)14

Step 5 Activate theWhatsApp account to be recovered

After completing the backup, you can activate your WhatsApp account by entering your phone number and new name.

How to Use RecoverGo(Android)15

How to Use RecoverGo(Android)16

Step 6 Restore the deleted WhatsApp data

After scanning, click "OK" to select the files to be recovered.

How to Use RecoverGo(Android)17

You can select files by selecting All in the upper left corner, or select data one by one.

How to Use RecoverGo(Android)18

It supports to restore the data files to the computer and then you can click the file to check.

How to Use RecoverGo(Android)19

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Business Data

If your Business contacts or messages are lost, you can choose RecoverGo (Android) to retrieve the deleted WhatsApp business data.

How to restore the deleted data of WhatsApp?

Step 1 Download and install RecoverGo (Android), and then start the software.

After starting RecoverGo (Android), select "recover Deleted WhatsApp Business Data" to enter.

How to Use RecoverGo(Android)20

Step 2 Enable USB debugging on Android

Just like the 2 restoration methods above, you need to enable debugging mode to restore WhatsApp Business Data as prompted.

How to Use RecoverGo(Android)21

Step 3 Scan WhatsApp Business Data

After the USB debugging is enabled, the system will enter the file selection interface. You can choose the file format to be restored and click "Scan".

How to Use RecoverGo(Android)22

You need to log in to the WhatsApp Business account before scanning.

How to Use RecoverGo(Android)23

Step 4 Back up your WhatsApp Business account

Follow the prompted steps on the screen to back up your WhatsApp Business account.

How to Use RecoverGo(Android)24

Step 5 Activate and back up the WhatsApp service account.

Before the recovery, you need to activate the WhatsApp Business account and restore the backup as prompted.

Enter your phone number to get the activation code.

Select "Restore" > "Next" to enter.

Enter a new name and complete the activation and recovery.

How to Use RecoverGo(Android)25

How to Use RecoverGo(Android)26

After the scan is complete, click "OK" to begin restoring your data.

How to Use RecoverGo(Android)27

Step 6 Restore WhatsApp Business account data

After selecting the data or files you want to restore, then click the "Restore" button in the lower right corner to restore the data to your computer.

How to Use RecoverGo(Android)28

How to Use RecoverGo(Android)29