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Pokémon GO Soft Ban: How to Remove Soft Ban in Pokémon GO in 2023?

Updated By Soha On Sep 25, 2022, 2:43 pm

Based on the popular IP Pokemon (also known as Pokemon) and the latest AR technology, Pokemon GO has attracted many users from all over the world. Players turn on Google Maps and GPS, and all kinds of cute magical elves will appear in the real-time shooting of the camera, which makes players addicted to it. However, some players may have encountered a ban. What has happened? In this article, we will work with you to learn about Pokémon GO Soft Ban.

Due to the epidemic of NCP, you may not be able to reach many popular Pokémon GO coordinates. Here is a Pokémon GO location change tool.

How to Remove Soft Ban in Pokémon GO

How to Remove Soft Ban in Pokémon GO in 2022

1. What is Pokémon GO Soft Ban?

To determine if you are banned by Pokemon GO, you can refer to the following scenarios.

  • If you can't find anything on PokéStops, you've been banned.
  • If you can't win a gym competition, you've been banned.
  • If you don't get a reward for spinning in circles, you've been banned.
  • If you can't catch the pixies and they all run away, no matter what props you use,, then you've been banned.
  • 2. What are the reasons for Pokémon GO Soft Ban?

    There are many reasons for Pokémon GO Soft Ban, for example, your GPS positioning is too far away in a short time, or your GPS positioning is moving too far in a short time, at a high speed of over 50km/h; or using Plugins such as GPS spoofing software; logging in with the same account on multiple devices, etc.

    3. What are the consequences of Pokémon GO Soft Ban?

    The most direct consequence of Pokémon GO Soft Ban is that you cannot capture Pokémon, you cannot get any rewards in PokéStops, and the stored mission rewards will no longer belong to you.

    However, you can still grab Raid Bosses, and spin PokeStops. You can catch Pokemon later (3 to 4 hours) after being banned, but the maximum is 3500 Pokemon/7 days.

    Pokémon GO Soft Ban will generally last about 12 hours the first time. After the ban is lifted, you can continue to play the game.

    4. How many times will you go through Pokémon GO Soft Ban before being permanently banned?

    It is important to note that repeated bans may result in more severe penalties. Generally speaking, you may experience 3 Pokémon GO Soft Bans before being permanently banned. The duration of each ban is not always certain. It could be as long as 12 hours if this is the first time you have been banned. If banned again, it will be extended to 24 hours, then a week, a month.

    5. How to remove Pokémon GO Soft Ban?

    If you are banned because your GPS location is too far away, or your GPS location has moved too far in a short period of time, you can set the location back to the original one before opening Pokemon GO again.

    Another way is to go to the PokéStop and spin and close it about 40 times.

    If you get banned next time, give it a try.