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How to Delete Bookmarks and History on Mac/iPhone/iPad(iOS 15/14/13/12 Supported)

Updated By Cameron On Mar 15, 2022, 5:58 pm

Bookmarks are also known as favorites. Safari provides a bookmark button function, through which users can quickly access favorite bookmarks. Safari provides users with two favorite functions, bookmarks and reading lists, ,and the browsing history function. Users use it to record their favorite URLs for quick access in the future. In order to facilitate users to call the same favorites on different computers and devices, the Safari browser has added the favorites synchronization function. Users only need to log in to the same account to obtain their favorites data synchronously, which is very convenient.But as time goes by, your browser collects more and more cookies and captures, which can slow down your browsing. To help the browser load faster, unnecessary cookies and history need to be deleted. How to delete bookmarks and history records in Safari browser? At present, many friends do not know how to delete bookmarks and history records in the Safari browser, and they are not very clear about some tricks and methods that are often used when using the iOS system. Next, the editor will bring you an introduction to the method of deleting bookmarks and history records in iPhone/iPad/Mac browsers. Hopefully it can help you. Let's take a look.

Part 1, How to Delete Bookmarks and History Records on iPhone

1. Open Safari. 2. Click the "Book" style icon in the lower right corner. 3. The "History" interface pops up, click "Clear" in the lower right corner. 4. You can choose when to clear the history, or choose "all time". 5. After the history record is cleared, then clear the bookmarks and click the "book" style icon. 6. Click "Edit", the following interface will appear. 7. Click the red minus sign in front of the bookmark you want to delete. 8. The "Delete" button appears, click it.

Photo Recovery Software 9. The bookmark is deleted.

Part 2, How to Delete Bookmarks and History Records on iPad

How to clear the cache on the ipad? Surf the Internet with the Built-in browser of iPad, it will leave a lot of cache and history records, how do we clean up these leftover histories? 1. Open the main interface of the iPad and click "Settings". 2. Find "Safari", which is the related settings of the built-in browser, click it. 3. Then, you can see the relevant settings of the built-in browser, pull down, there are "Clear History" and "Clear Cookies". 4. Click "Clear History" and confirm when asked. 5. Click "Clear Cookies" and confirm when asked.6. After clearing the history and cookies, these two options will turn into gray fonts.

Part 3, How to Delete Bookmarks and History on Mac

Delete bookmarks in Safari on Mac. You can delete bookmarks and history records you no longer need. Bookmark deletion: 1. Open the Safari browser page; 2. In the Safari app Photo Recovery Software on your Mac, click the Sidebar Photo Recovery Software button in the toolbar, then click Bookmarks.3. Press "Control"+click the bookmark, then choose Delete.

Delete History Records : 1. Open the Safari browser page. 2. In the App of Safari browser on your Mac, choosePhoto Recovery Software History > Clear History, then click the pop-up menu. 3. Select the time period you want to clear.Well, the above is the specific operation steps on how to delete the history records of Apple computer browser, it's very simple, if you need it, just have a try.

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Part 4, How to Recover Deleted Bookmarks and History records?

As we all know, clearing browser records on iPhone/iPad/Mac will improve system speed. But it is often happened that useful records were accidentally deleted, or that they were useless at the very time but we need it now. In this case, how can we restore the bookmarks and history records that were deleted by mistake?

Method 1. View Deleted Safari History Directly from iPhone/iPad/Mac Settings

1. Go to "Settings" on iPhone/iPad/Mac. 2. Scroll down the screen, find Safari and tap to enter. 3. On Safari Settings, scroll to the bottom and tap Advanced Options. 4. Enter the interface as shown below and find the website data. You'll find deleted browser history records listed there.

Method 2. Recover Deleted Safari Bookmarks and History of iPhone/iPad/Mac without Backup

If you don't have any backups of your deleted Safari history, the best solution is to turn to a third-party tool. iPhone Data Recovery Software - Geekersoft iPhone Data Recovery is an excellent iPhone Safari history records recovery tool. Using this program, you can retrieve any type of browser records that was accidentally deleted in just a few clicks.

step 1. Connect your iPhone to get started Install and run the program on your computer, select "Recover from iOS Device" and click the "Start" button. After connecting your iPhone to the computer, Click "Next" to continue. Photo Recovery Software Step 2. Select the type of data to scan Select the file types you want to recover, check Safari History, and then click Scan. Photo Recovery Software Step 3. Preview and restore lost Safari history After scanning, the software will list all recoverable Safari history. You can preview all these deleted content. Then select the content you want to restore. Photo Recovery Software