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Top 4 Free Data Recovery Software in 2023

Updated By Cameron On Apr 7, 2023, 3:54 pm

Data Recovery SoftwareS ranking in 2023. In the process of using computers and mobile devices, it is inevitable that there will be accidental data loss, after all, software or hardware crashes and misoperation of computers and mobile phones can cause such "results".A user-friendly data recovery software can not only improve the success rate of data recovery, but also minimize user losses!

So, which data recovery software is better? What is the ranking of data recovery software in 2023? Let's find out. There are a lot of softwares out there that provide data recovery. In fact, with the high development of data recovery software technology, data recovery software downloaded from the official website can generally recover lost data. The advantages of downloading from the official website are: 1. It will not be inexplicably downloaded some third party software, and will not insert advertisements; 2. The software downloaded from the official website will be the latest version, and you can get free support from the official technical staff at any time; 3. Free trial services are provided before data is found. For example, today we are going to recommend Geekersoft Data Recovery software. It comes unbundled, ad-free, up-to-date and free to try.

We recommend several easy to use data recovery softwares, with good reputation and results. Friends who are still looking for data recovery software in the top rankings can give it a try and find the right data recovery software for yourselves.

NO.1 Geekersoft Data Recovery software

Geekersoft is a powerful and effective data recovery software developed by Geekersoft. As the first recommendation, the main reason is that in the later refinement of the product, computers, USB flash drives, Apple phones, and Android phones are targeted at each device, with comprehensive features, excellent software design, and user experience. It is also very simple to use, and novices can use it accurately.

Geekersoft Data Recovery is a powerful and effective computer data recovery software that can recover data lost by computers, USB flash drives, hard disks, memory cards, and other devices. Geekersoft Data Recovery can help you recover files that were accidentally deleted, partitions that were accidentally formatted, or file data loss caused by incorrect operations, partitions, or formatting operations. The types of data recovered include pictures, videos, files, emails, compressed versions, etc. in various formats, which have great advantages in terms of the type of recovery device and data type.

Top 4 Free Data Recovery Software

Geekersoft Data Recovery is an iPhone data recovery software designed for iPhone and iPad tablets. It can restore 27 kinds of deleted data such as SMS, address book, call records, QQ chat records and wechat chat records through a one-time scan. The interface is simple and easy to operate. After downloading and installing the software on your computer, connect your iPhone or iPad tablet to your computer, and then follow the wizard to restore the data you want.

FUrthermore, Geekersoft Data Recovery is a professional data recovery software for Android phones. It can help you view 11 kinds of deleted or lost data such as contacts, call records, messages, pictures and videos in Android phones. During the process of restoring deleted data, you only need to install software on your computer, and then connect your phone to the computer to scan for lost data. If you scan out the missing files, it indicates that you can restore them.

NO.2 EasyRecovery

EasyRecovery is easy to use and very powerful in terms of functionality. EasyRecovery supports recovery from a variety of storage media including: hard drives, optical drives, flash memory, and other multimedia mobile devices. Whether files have been deleted from the command line or by an application or file system, EasyRecovery can recover and even rebuild lost RAID. If normal scanning can't meet your needs, EasyRecovery also has deep scanning, which can meet most of the needs of users. Overall, EasyRecovery is a relatively easy to use data recovery software. But the downside is that there is no data recovery for phones or tablets, which is a weakness.

NO.3 Kingsoft Data Recovery Master

Kingsoft data recovery master is a data recovery software owned by Kingsoft. We are familiar with Kingsoft. When we were young, we played Kingsoft typing, and we use WPS, are the products of Kingsoft. Kingsoft Data Recovery Master's interface is also very simple, but looking at its classification, we found that it does not meet all of our recovery situations. Compared to Geekersoft Data Recovery, it does not support the recovery of email and multimedia data. But it can recover hard disk data as well as USB flash drive, mobile phone card, camera card data. If you need it, you can try it.

No. 4 Wondershare Data Recovery

This is also a good data recovery software. It also gives users several usage scenarios. Although it looks quite good, data loss caused by virus attacks and system crashes cannot be recovered. In today's view, most of the time, it is useless. Compared to Geekersoft Data Recovery, Wondershare Data Recovery also does not have the ability to scan by file type.


The above is the top four data recovery softwares in 2023. You can choose the appropriate one according to your needs. Among them, Geekersoft Data Recovery stands out from many data recovery software due to its excellent performance and high recovery success rate. If data is lost on your iOS or Android phone, PC, or Mac, Geekersoft Data Recovery is the perfect choice.