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How to recover the data of the driving recorder deleted by accident? How do I recover lost data?

Updated By Cameron On Oct 26, 2022, 5:37 pm

I believe we are all familiar with the tachorecorder. With the increase of vehicles, more and more accidents occur frequently. In order to avoid accidents, many car owners will install recorder equipment on their vehicles to record what happens during driving. However, for the dashcam, the data it stores are often stored in the corresponding memory card, and the memory capacity of the memory card is often limited. In order to solve the problem of memory limitation, many people also regularly delete the data in the tachograph to make more space for storing new data.

When the data of the dashcam is deleted, some people may delete some important videos by mistake. They may want to view the data recorded before due to some traffic disputes. Can the deleted data be recovered? How? Here, we will introduce how to recover the data deleted by accident of dashcam. Please check the following steps:

How to recover the data of the driving recorder deleted by accident

1. Open your browser, find the "Geekersoft data recovery " page, click to download and install.

How to recover data deleted by accident

2. Remove the memory card from the dash cam and connect it to the computer with the card reader.

3. Open the software and select the location where the original data file is stored. You can directly select the corresponding newly inserted memory card, and click "Scan" below to automatically scan the disk.

How to recover data deleted by accident2

4. After scanning, you can select the file to be recovered according to the file type or file path, and click "Recover" below to retrieve the lost file.

How to recover data deleted by accident3

Recover lost data Summary

The above is an introduction to the method of data recovery after data deletion of the DASH CAM, which is relatively simple to operate. However, no matter which data recovery method is used, one condition must be met, that is, the deleted data cannot be overwritten. If it is overwritten, then it cannot be recovered.

Finally, for the data of DASH CAM, we recommend you transfer the data in the memory card to other disks for storage in time before deleting it, making a backup of the data files to avoid files be deleted by mistake.