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How to download/save video from facebook

Updated By Cameron On Sep 3, 2022, 5:36 pm

Due to copyright or platform restrictions, downloading content from the Facebook platform is often difficult. Platforms like Facebook prefer users to spread the word by sharing links, thereby increasing their visits and revenue. Fortunately, there are two free workarounds that can help you with Facebook video download.

Special reminder: If you want to download something that may be copyrighted, please check if it would violate the Facebook video usage rules before you start.

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Complete Facebook Video Download on your computer

If you need to download facebook videos on your computer, our most recommended tool is YT Saver. This is a download tool for 10000+ video platforms including Facebook, and it supports FB private video download.

YT Saver software installation

How to download video from facebook?

Step 1 Find the FB video or private Facebook video you want to download and copy the video link.

How to download/save video from facebook1

How to download/save video from facebook2

Step 2 Start YT Saver, and then select parameters such as output format and video quality. Of course, you can also directly use the default download settings without setting relevant parameters.

How to download/save video from facebook3

Step 3 Click "Paste URL" and the software will automatically start downloading the video.

How to download/save video from facebook4

Step 4 After the video download is complete, you can find it in Downloaded.

How to download/save video from facebook5

Complete FB video download on iPhone/Andriod

How to download Facebook videos on mobile devices? Although many apps advertise that they support FB downloads, but tests show that most of them do not work properly, and some that do work require payment. Here we will introduce a Facebook video download online method.

Operation steps of FB video download online:

1. Open the Facebook app on your iPhone/Andriod.

2. Find the video you need to download and click the "Share" button.

How to download/save video from facebook6

3. Find and tap the "Copy Link" option.

How to download/save video from facebook7

4. Open the fdown tool in the browser on iPhone/Andriod, then paste the URL and click download.

How to download/save video from facebook8

5. In the newly loaded content, select Normal Quality or High Quality.

6. Finally, click "Download Video" on the newly opened page to complete FB video download.

How to download/save video from facebook9