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How to Edit Resume PDF

Updated By Soha On Aug 22, 2022, 8:29 pm

It's common to submit your resume in PDF format to employers when looking for a job. You can add highlights to your PDF resume, or you can use other resume templates to create a great resume. Most PDF editors provide full PDF resume editing capabilities. In the following content, we will cover the steps for editing a PDF resume on Windows.

Basic introduction of functions to edit resume PDF:

Add text to your resume

Click the Add Text option and enter the text in the PDF file where you want to add text.

How to Edit Resume PDF1

Insert pictures into your resume

Click the Insert Image option, select the file to be added in the selection box, and then select the location in the PDF document to add the image.

How to Edit Resume PDF2

Add a nice background to your resume

In addition to adding texts and pictures, you can also add a nice background to your resume through the background function in Geekersoft PDF Editor. The specific operation is under the Edit menu > Background > Add > Select background picture or color addition.

How to Edit Resume PDF3

How to edit resume pdf

Many PDF editing tools are too expensive, and it may be necessary for students or newcomers to find simple PDF editing tools at low cost. Here we recommend Geekersoft PDF Editor, which has complete editing tools:

  • Edit images and text: Quickly add, delete, replace, adjust text field images in your resume.
  • Sign PDF: Add a personal signature to your resume.
  • Create PDF: Create a PDF resume.
  • Annotate PDF: Add highlights to your PDF resume.
  • Manage PDF pages: Add blank pages, append, copy, rotate, delete, extract, etc.
  • Simple steps to edit your resume

    After installing Geekersoft PDF Editor, launch the application on your machine.

    Drag and drop the resume in PDF format to be edited into the software to open it.

    Click Edit to select the text or image you want to edit. You can add, delete or replace text and images in your resume.

    After editing, click Save.

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