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How to Change PDF Color

Updated By Cameron On Aug 20, 2022, 10:41 pm

The color of the document is very critical for readability, and choosing the right color for the background and text of the PDF document can ensure that the document has good readability. Many times we need to change the color of some content in the PDF document. So what is the easiest and most convenient way to change the color of some content in a PDF document? In this article, we will introduce a detailed set of methods for changing PDF colors.

Directory of change PDF color

Before changing PDF Color, you need to install the tool to change, you can click the button below to install.

Change font color of a PDF

Step 1. We take Geekersoft PDF Editor as an example to introduce the specific operation steps. First open the PDF in the software.

Step 2. Click the "Edit ext&Image" option in the top menu to enter text editing.

How to Change PDF Color1

Step 3. Position the mouse cursor where you want to add a different color of text.

Step 4. Select the font color you want from the Font and Color options on the right.

How to Change PDF Color2

Step 5. Enter the text content that needs to be colored.

How to Change PDF Color3

Change text color of a PDF

Step 1. Open the PDF file, then select the file from the "Select File" button on the home window, or you can drag and drop the file to the editor.

Step 2. After opening the PDF file, click the "Edit" menu to enter, and then select the content that needs to change the text color.

How to Change PDF Color4

Step 3. Select Change the color of the fonts in the PDF.

How to Change PDF Color5

Step 4. Save the document to complete the color modification.

How to Change PDF Color6

This is how to change font color in PDF.

Change the background color of a PDF

Step 1. Open the PDF file that you want to change the background color in the Geekersoft PDF Editor.

Step 2. On the top menu, select "Background", and then select "Add" from the pop-up menu. The "Add Background" pop-up box will open.

How to Change PDF Color7

Step 3.Click "Color" and select the background color you want.

How to Change PDF Color8

Step 4.Click OK to finish adding the background color and close the Add Background dialog.

How to Change PDF Color9

Change the highlighting color of PDF text

Step 1. Open the PDF file that you want to add highlights to.

Step 2. After clicking "Comment" on the top menu, select "highlight".

How to Change PDF Color10

Step 3. Select the text that needs to be highlighted to complete the highlighted selection.

##图片*how-to-change-pdf-color-11.webp*How to Change PDF Color11#

Step 4. The default highlight color is yellow. If you need to change the highlight color, you can adjust the highlight color through the color selection on the right.

How to Change PDF Color12

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How to change highlight color in adobe Alternatives

Adobe is too expensive, is there an alternative that can change highlighted text like Adobe? The answer is yes, there are good alternatives, and the fourth method introduced in this article can help you achieve this requirement.

How to convert color pdf to black and white.

Converting a color PDF to a black and white PDF can be done using the print function, or using an online tool such as online2pdf (https://online2pdf.com/). Open the website and click "Choose File", select "PDF" for the conversion file format, and select "Black and White (Grayscale)" in the "Compression" selection. Then click "Convert" to convert the color PDF to black and white PDF