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How to Annotate PDF Files

Updated By Soha On Aug 6, 2022, 4:03 pm

PDF annotations are the easiest way to help users share and mark up personal thoughts on PDF documents. This operation can help you get rid of the dilemma of using a lot of paper for illustration!

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Wondering how to annotate PDFs?

Annotating PDFs is easy with Geekersoft PDF editor. In this guide, you will learn how to:

  • How to annotate pdf.
  • How to add comments to a pdf.
  • How to markup a pdf.
  • Drawboard pdf.

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How to annotate pdf

There are many annotation tools on Geekersoft PDF editor that can help you annotate PDF documents, such as highlight, underline, strikethrough, annotation, shape, callout, etc. For specific operations, please refer to the following detailed guide.

Highlight text

After opening the PDF file, click the highlight icon in the annotation toolbar, then select the text and drag the cursor over the content you want to highlight.

How to Annotate PDF Files1

By default, the highlighted content is in yellow, and users can change the highlight color by right-clicking and selecting "Propreties".

How to Annotate PDF Files2

Underlin text

Click Comment on the top toolbar, then click the Underline icon and select the text you want to underline. By default it is a green line, the underline color can be changed with the color selection on the right.

How to Annotate PDF Files3

Strikeout text

Click the Comment menu at the top to enter, then click the Strikeout icon to add a strikeout to the specified text. By default, the strikeout line is red. You can use the color selection on the right to change the color of strikeout line.

How to Annotate PDF Files4

Pencil and Rubber

On the Comment toolbar you will see the Pencil and Rubber icons. You only need to click the mouse to draw on PDF documents. After releasing the mouse, the Pencil is terminated, and the content of the drawing can be erased by Rubber.
Remarks: The drawing line is red by default, and the color of it can be adjusted by changing the color on the right.

How to Annotate PDF Files5

Line and graphics

Click Comment > Line, Rectangle, Ellipse or Arrow, etc., you can draw the line and shape you need in the PDF. This setting is very simple, just double-click the mouse to finish the operation. Similarly, the default color for drawing lines and icons is red, and you can change the color by selecting the color on the right.

How to Annotate PDF Files6

Add Note boxes and comments

Geekersoft PDF editor also allows you to annotate PDFs by adding notes. The operation method is to click Comment > Note, and then select the position in the PDF to insert one or more Note boxes. Once inserted, you can add content directly(by double-click the box to type or modify text).

How to Annotate PDF Files7

Related questions of PDF annotator/markup

What is PDF annotation?

PDF annotation refers to "adding notes" on a PDF document, adding reference information for the creator, or leaving remarks for other readers. Common ways of annotating documents include: underlining or highlighting text, commenting notes, drawing annotations, etc.

What is the best software to annotate PDFs?

Depending on the daily needs, PDF content creators and managers need at least five different tools: PDF annotation, PDF editing, drawing software, page management tools, and signatures. Overall, we can tell you responsibly that Geekersoft PDF editor is the best software for annotating PDFs.