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How To Convert JPG to Word Online?Convert JPG to Word Online for Free.

Updated By Soha On Nov 10, 2022, 6:35 pm

Do you want to convert the captured photos or scanned files to Microsoft Word documents that can be edited?

Don't worry, it's pretty simple. There are some tools that can help you quickly implement it. When you need to convert scanned documents or JPG files into Word that can be edited, such tools can be used. Next, we will introduce five best JPG to Word online converters.

Geekersoft OCR can easily convert JPG into editable Word documents in a few seconds, and it is free.

Top 5 Best Convert JPG to Word Online.

1. Geekersoft OCR

Geekersoft provides excellent results and good user experience for users, and its service position ranks first in the list of free online JPG to Word. This tool is available for free on all networked devices. Even if you don't have a computer, you can use it on your phone. The conversion process is also relatively simple: just drag and drop the file onto the screen, and then convert it with a few clicks. The best thing about Geekersoft is that when you need to convert JPG to editable Word, optical character recognition (OCR) technology can provide excellent jpg to text results!

In addition, Geekersoft is an online service with excellent security. All converted files will be deleted from their servers in an hour, so no one can steal your files from their servers!

How to convert JPG to editable Word online

Enter the Geekersoft OCR page.

How To Convert JPG to Word Online

Upload your JPG file, and then select the language contained in the JPG file and "Word" as the output format.

How To Convert JPG to Word Online2

Click Convert to wait for the file to be converted to a Word document that can be edited.

How To Convert JPG to Word Online3

After the conversion, download your converted Word file.

How To Convert JPG to Word Online4

Advantages of Geekersoft:

  • The uploaded files will be deleted from the server after 60 minutes.
  • Optical character recognition can convert JPG into editable Word.
  • It can be used on computers, mobile phones and other different devices.
  • Good interface and user experience.
  • Disadvantages of Geekersoft:

  • Online service, which can only be used with network.
  • 1. GeekerPDF

    GeekerPDF is an integrated PDF producer, editor and converter with a lot of functions! This tool allows you to create JPG as PDF, then convert it to Word, etc., and vice versa! The best part is that it can be recognized as editable PDF&Word without losing the original format in PDF. Its interface is very simple, making the use of the tool easier and the user experience better.

    How To Convert JPG to Word Online5

    Advantages of GeekerPDF:

  • Simple and intuitive interface;
  • Multi-in-one functions;
  • Able to convert JPG to editable PDF or Word;
  • With PDF signature encryption and other advanced functions.
  • Disadvantages of GeekerPDF:

  • Currently available for Windows only;
  • You need to purchase a membership for the conversion service, $59.95 for a lifetime!
  • 3.Online2PDF

    Online2PDF ranks 3rd in our list of 5 best online JPG to Word converters. It supports batch conversion. If you have batch conversion tasks at hand, you can try this tool. It is one of the recommended online JPG to Word converters.

    Of course, this tool also has some disadvantages. For example, there are a lot of annoying advertisements that play advertisements from time to time.

    How To Convert JPG to Word Online6

    Advantages of Online2PDF:

  • Support batch conversion;
  • It's easy to use.
  • Disadvantages of Online2PDF:

  • Too many advertisements;
  • The interface is messy.
  • 4. Convertio

    Convertio, another tool with JPG to Word capability, ranks fourth on our list.

    Convertio is another tool with JPG to Word function. It ranks fourth in our list. It can provide a file conversion service of up to 100MB, but its JPG converters to editable Word require a membership.

    How To Convert JPG to Word Online7

    Advantages of Convertio:

  • Support upload through Dropbox, Gdrive and URL link;
  • Easy to use, good user experience.
  • Disadvantages of Convertio:

  • Uploaded and converted files are not encrypted;
  • You need to buy a member ($7.99) to use it.
  • 5. SmallPDF

    SmallPDF is an online PDF service website for conversion, compression, editing, reading and other services. It also allows users to convert JPG to PDF. It supports uploading JPG files from Google Drive or Dropbox!

    However, it only allows JPG to be converted to PDF. PNG or other image formats cannot be converted to PDF.

    How To Convert JPG to Word Online8

    Advantages of SmallPDF:

  • Completely online, supporting the use of each device;
  • Have a complete set of PDF tools;
  • File conversion is very fast.
  • Disadvantages of SmallPDF:

  • Only JPG conversion is supported;
  • Conversion of more than 2 files costs $9 / month.
  • Summary of How To Convert JPG to Word Online

    We summarized five best JPG to Word online converters that can be used to convert JPG files to Word format files. If you need to ensure the best results, we strongly recommend Geekersoft OCR to convert JPG files to editable Word for free. And its optical character recognition function can convert JPG into editable Word with better conversion effect.

    What are you waiting for? Enter Geekersoft OCR now!