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Best PDF to Word Converter for Mac Free Download (The Ultimate List For Mac)

Updated By Cameron On Jul 22, 2023, 6:57 pm

"I need to convert PDF to Word document, what is the best PDF to Word Converter?" In order to facilitate editing, it is often necessary to convert PDF to Word at work. At this time, professional and reliable PDF to Word Converter can let you get twice the result with half the effort. In addition, if you need to convert PDF files larger than 15/20 MB to Word, or larger PDF files, then be sure to read the PDF to Word conversion application or software recommended for you in this article. In order to save your time and effort, we will introduce you in detail their performance advantages and disadvantages.

If you are using a Mac operating system, then you need to choose a PDF to Word conversion application or software that is compatible with your Mac.

GeekerPDF for Mac free download

GeekerPDF for Mac

GeekerPDF for Mac has the ability to convert PDF to Word professionally and reliably. It quickly converts PDF documents to Word and maintains their original typography and layout. In addition, converting PDF to Word also includes PDF editing, annotation, conversion, merging, scanning, creating, and filling out table functions. Its OCR function allows users to convert images to PDF. As a comprehensive PDF processor, GeekPDF Mac places great emphasis on protecting user data security, and it also provides user password protection and Bates numbering. GeekPDF Mac interface is simple and easy-to-use interface, which is highly praised by users.

PDF to Word Free Mac edition

This is a specialized PDF to Word converter. It allows users to quickly convert PDF documents to various other file formats and is simple to use. Users only need to manually or automatically mark the page to be converted to start the conversion. The free Mac version of PDF to Word provides high-quality output, while the original format of the converted Word file remains unchanged. It also supports users to batch and quickly convert multiple PDF files.

PDF Converter ++

Another recommended PDF to Word converter for the Mac is PDF Conversion ++. If you need to convert PDF to iWork, Office, or a variety of other formats, try PDF Conversion ++. After converting a scanned PDF to an editable Office file, PDF Converter ++ retains the layout of the original file and is simple to operate. In addition, PDF Converter++ also has OCR to recognize text in images.

PDF Expert PDF to Word Converter for Mac

The Mac version of PDF Expert can also help you convert PDF files into Word files. In addition, it helps users edit links, images, and text in PDFs in a fast and direct manner, thus gaining a broad user base. The PDF Expert PDF to Word converter will automatically detect parameters such as opacity, size, and font of the original text to optimize the effect after PDF conversion.

Convert PDF to Word with Apple Preview

As a Mac user, you may know that Apple provides users with a built-in tool "Preview" to help users access, edit, and markup documents. If you need to convert and merge PDF documents, Preview is a good choice. It supports users to fill out forms and add signatures to files, as well as add passwords to documents, and handles various types of image files.

Comparison between PDF to Word Converter Software and PDF to Word Online Converter

Some users tend to use PDF to Word converter software, while others prefer PDF to Word online converter software. If you don't know how to choose between online or desktop PDF to Word converters, let's take a look at their comparison together.

PDF to Word Converter software is a desktop PDF converter. After the user downloads and installs to the computer desktop, no Internet is required to complete the conversion of PDF to Word. In case you can't connect to the network, this is your only option to complete the PDF to Word conversion. Second, PDF to Word desktop converter supports batch conversion, fast and convenient. In addition, the desktop PDF to Word converter generally has more advanced features, such as OCR or PDF text editing, merging, and so on.

The most prominent advantage of the PDF to Word online converter is that it does not take up computer space, as the conversion work is directly completed on the network without the need for download and installation. However, the prerequisite is that your device can connect to a good internet connection. If you cannot connect to the network or if the network connection is unstable, the conversion experience will be very poor or even impossible. In addition, PDF files larger than 20MB or containing multiple pages may not be converted. You should also be aware that uploading PDF documents to the Word Online Converter may result in the security of your data or information not being guaranteed.


The above is our introduction to PDF to Word converter software for Mac. You can choose based on the performance, advantages, and disadvantages of different PDF to Word converters. In addition, based on the comparison between PDF to Word Converter software and PDF to Word online converter, we recommend that you choose the desktop PDF to Word converter for your data security.