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10 Best free screen recorder for mac no watermark

Updated By Cameron On Jun 8, 2022, 6:00 pm

Computer users may need a screen recorder for various reasons. Such as: need to record screen to share demonstration steps; record screen to make tutorial videos; capture gameplay to share on social media and video streaming platforms. If you want to record your screen without watermark, then a free screen recorder is the best choice.

Most of the free screen recorders will add a watermark to the recorded video. If you need to remove the watermark, you need to purchase the professional version to remove it. So is there any free recording software without watermark? The answer is yes, and here we will list the top 10 best free screen recorders for Mac.

Best free screen recorder for mac no watermark 1

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10 Best free screen recorder for mac no watermark

Screen recorder on mac: Geekersoft Free Screen Recorder

Supported operating system: Win/Mac

Geekersoft for Mac has no recording time limit, nor does it add a watermark to the final recorded video. It is a truly free tool that allows users to record custom zones; it can record the screen as well as the webcam and audio at the same time; during the recording, you can describe and annotate the video content by drawing lines, entering text, etc. After recording, the output format is relatively rich, including MP4, FLV, WMV, GIF and so on more than ten kinds.


  • No watermarking, no time limit.
  • Various recording modes, such as full screen, custom area and camera picture-in-picture.
  • Simple operation interface, easy to understand.
  • Support HD recording.
  • Disadvantage:

  • No watermarking, no time limit.
  • How to get it: Geekersoft Free Screen Recorder for mac

    Best free screen recorder for mac no watermark11

    Screen recorder on mac: OBS Studio

    Supported operating system: Win/Mac/Linux

    OBS Studio for Mac is a very professional free and open source screen recording software, which is often used for video recording and live broadcasting. Using it, you can: record the screen without watermark; support recording mixed videos or audios; it has been used to create scenes from multiple sources, such as Windows, images, text, webcams, etc. In addition, it has various configuration functions that can be used to adjust the configuration and edit the module.


  • Many compatible systems.
  • Completely free and open source.
  • Support a lot of parameter settings.
  • Support audio and video editing.
  • Disadvantage:

  • Difficult to use, and too complicated for beginners
  • How to get it: OBS Studio for Mac

    Best free screen recorder for mac no watermark2

    Screen recorder on mac: QuickTime

    Supported operating system: Mac

    QuickTime Player is a watermark-free recording software designed by Apple for Mac users. It is a tool that comes with the Mac system, and it does not require any installation and configuration. At the same time, its recording procedure is also very simple, and the recorded files do not have the problem of file format incompatibility. QuickTime allows editing of the recorded videos after the recording is complete.


  • High-resolution recording.
  • Connected iPhone and iPad can be recorded.
  • Basic editing is available.
  • The recording procedure is simple.
  • No need to install additional software.
  • Disadvantage:

  • Recording audio from a microphone is troublesome.
  • Best free screen recorder for mac no watermark3

    Screen recorder on mac: Screencast-O-Matic

    Supported operating system: Win/Mac

    Screencast-O-Matic for Mac is also a watermark-free online screen recording software, and you can use it to record your screen anytime, anywhere. Before proceeding you need to install the launcher on your device.

    There is also a pro version that supports more features and functions than the free one. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Screencast-O-Matic for Mac.


  • Support picture-in-picture recording.
  • Support for drawing and annotation.
  • Stock images and music are available.
  • Disadvantage:

  • Needs to install a launcher.
  • Audio recording does not support Mac.
  • Video recording is limited to five minutes.
  • How to get it: Screencast-O-Matic for mac

    Best free screen recorder for mac no watermark4

    Screen recorder on mac: ActivePresenter

    Supported operating system: Win/Mac

    ActivePresenter for Mac is a screen recording tool suitable for experienced users. It provides a free version for recording screen activities. It also offers a wide range of options, including the ability to record the screen, device or webcam.


  • Better support for game recording.
  • Offer audio and video editing.
  • Many features.
  • Customizable interface.
  • Disadvantage:

  • Too hard to use for newbies.
  • How to get it: ActivePresenter for mac

    Best free screen recorder for mac no watermark5

    Screen recorder on mac: VLC Media Player

    Supported operating system: Win/Mac

    In addition to the OBS mentioned before, VLC Media Player for Mac is another open source watermark-free screen recorder. For macOS computer users, you can record any high-resolution screen with this free software. VLC for Mac is completely free and watermark-free.


  • Cross-platform screen recording.
  • No time limit.
  • Various export recording formats.
  • Export recordings in various formats.
  • Disadvantage:

  • Only support basic screen recording.
  • Best free screen recorder for mac no watermark6

    Screen recorder on mac: TinyTake

    Supported operating system: Win/Mac

    TinyTake for Mac is another free watermark-free Mac screen recording tool that supports screen recording and video recording, as well as video recording from a webcam. In addition, it provides cloud access, where you can add comments and share video or audio after recording.


  • Customize the recording area, window or full screen.
  • Provides cloud storage of screenshots and videos.
  • Annotation and sharing functions available.
  • Disadvantage:

  • A maximum of 120 minutes of video can be recorded.
  • How to get it: TinyTake for mac

    Best free screen recorder for mac no watermark7


    Screen recorder on mac: Screencastify

    Supported operating system: Win/Mac

    Screencastify is also an online screen recorder without watermark. It runs on macOS and helps you capture, edit and share videos. You can use it to record your Mac desktop, webcam, microphone. After recording, it supports exporting to HD resolution files, and provides easy operation options for merging, cropping, trimming and adding text to the video.


  • Record desktop, browser, and Webcam.
  • wxport MP4, MP3 or GIF files.
  • Support HD recording.
  • Basic video editing tools.
  • Disadvantage:

  • Can only record for 5 minutes.
  • How to get it: Screencastify for mac

    Best free screen recorder for mac no watermark8

    Screen recorder on mac: Panopto Screen Recorder

    Supported operating system: Win/Mac

    Panopto for Mac is an online screen recorder without watermark. You can use it on various browsers. It only provides 3 recording modes: full screen, application window, and browser. The tool is relatively simple to use and can record HD videos, even 60fps if the hardware supports it.


  • HD recording without watermark.
  • Record screen, system sound, microphone sound.
  • Disadvantage:

  • Can only record for 15 minutes.
  • The recording area cannot be customized.
  • Register for use.
  • How to get it: Panopto Screen Recorder for mac

    Best free screen recorder for mac no watermark9

    Screen recorder on mac: Recordcast

    Supported operating system: Win/Mac

    Recordcast is an online screen recording without watermark. In fact, you can record and edit recordings anytime, anywhere on macOS. It is relatively simple to use and can be recorded instantly with just a few clicks. It also supports recording the screen and webcam separately or simultaneously.


  • High resolution recording.
  • Edit recorded videos.
  • Disadvantage:

  • Free recording is limited to 5 minutes.
  • The number of free recordings is limited.
  • How to get it: Recordcast for mac

    Best free screen recorder for mac no watermark10

    Summary of Best Screen recorder on Mac

    In this article we have listed all the best Mac screen recorders for you. Some of them are installed versions, some are online versions, and some are built-in versions of the system. All of these are free to use without watermarks, some are free for short recording times, and some have unlimited recording times. If you are not sure which free Mac screen recorder to choose, we suggest you choose Geekersoft Free Screen Recorder For Mac.

    Related questions of best free screen recorder Mac:

    1. How to screen and audio recorder mac?

    To record screen without watermark on Mac computer, all you need is a free screen recording tool, such as Geekersoft For Mac, OBS Studio For Mac, VLC For Mac and more.

    2. Which is the best free screen recorder for mac no watermark?

    There are many Mac screen recorders without watermark mentioned in our article, such as Geekersoft Free Screen Recorder, OBS Studio, QuickTime, Screencast-O-Matic, ActivePresenter, VLC Media Player, TinyTake, Screencastify, Panopto Screen Recorder, Recordcast. Among these screen recorders, we highly recommend Geekersoft Free Screen Recorder. In addition to basic screen recording, webcam and audio recording, it also provides advanced functions such as annotation, and supports local HD export in more than ten formats.