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Apple conference: iphone 14 release date September 8

Updated By Soha On Sep 8, 2022, 8:48 pm

On September 8th, Apple's autumn conference was officially launched, and everyone's long-awaited iphone 14 release date was confirmed. Let's chat about this year's 14 Series, AirPods II, Apple Watc Ultra, Series 8, SE and other watches~

IPhone 14 parts

1. Sales Time

Phone 14, on sale September 16

2. Appearance & Size

iPhone 14: 6.1-inch display

iPhone 14 Plus: 6.7-inch display

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 iphone 14 release date September 81

3. Processor

Apple emphasized that the A15 has never been matched by a competitor since its advent. Both models continue to be powered by last year's A15 Bionic chipset -- a major shift for Apple, which typically rolls out a new processor every year for its entire iPhone portfolio.

4. The color

Midnight, Starlight, Blue, Purple, Red

5. Camera

On the front, the iPhone 14 features a new 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle main camera with f/1.5 aperture and sensor-based stabilization. Apple claims a 49% improvement in low-light image quality, while night mode is twice as fast. There's also the new 12-megapixel TrueDepth camera with autofocus on the front.

Apple claimed it also applied Deep Fusion image processing in the early stage of image pipeline to improve low-light performance and color rendering, calling the technology a "Photonic Engine." Video recording also gets a new stabilization mode called Action Mode, which uses the entire sensor for gimbal-style stabilization.

6. Battery life

Up to 20 hours for the iPhone 14 and up to 26 hours for the iPhone 14 plus, with MagSafe charger wireless charging for even faster speeds.

7. Others

Connectivity: In addition to the 5G network, the iPhone 14/14 Plus also supports eSIM. Of course, even if Apple wants to get rid of physical SIM cards entirely, that won't happen anytime soon. Only the US model of the iPhone 14 has confirmed that it will no longer have a SIM card tray in favour of full eSIM.

Satellite SOS function: The iPhone 14 can send out an emergency signal via satellite, which is an important addition to cellular mobile networks.

Apple designs and builds custom components and software to enable the iPhone's antenna to connect to the satellite, which users must point directly at the satellite. A custom short text compression system reduced the size of information by three times.

The compression algorithm makes it possible to send and receive information within 15 seconds. And in collaboration with emergency specialists, the phone has preset a variety of emergency situations for users to quickly choose from.

Apple has set up relay centers to get text messages from users and forward them to emergency providers that only accept calls. There are hundreds of staff involved.

The feature will be available in November and will be free for iPhone14 users for two years.

IPhone 14 Pro parts

Only the Pro series has A16.

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 iphone 14 release date September 82

1. Sales Time

Pre-orders will be accepted on September 9th at 8pm. On sale September 16th.

2. The color

Dark Purple, Gold, Silver, Space Black.

3. The most PRO update: Smart Island

The little bangs who have been complained about for many years are finally gone, and replaced by "Smart Island". Well, the pills.

The Pro-series screen has a pill-shaped punch-hole design, the proximity sensor sits behind the display, and notifications pop out of the notch in animation.

iOS 16 will open up this feature to third-party apps, and this new screen will also change the way prompts are displayed in more interesting ways when there are multiple active background processes.

Smart Island can present different states according to different applications and interactions. With the lock screen notification of iOS16, Smart Island can provide more detailed interaction. For example, music albums, ball game progress, etc. can be displayed on the smart island.

4. Screen size and Material

iPhone 14 Pro: 6.7-inch display

iPhone 14 Pro Max: 6.7-inch display

The Pro Display display is used, with a peak value of up to 1600 nits and a maximum brightness of 2000 nits outdoors, and LTPO technology allows the screen refresh rate to be as low as 1Hz, and the always-on display saves power.

5. Processor

The iPhone 14 Pro series uses the new A16 Bionic chip, which uses TSMC's 4nm process and has nearly 16 billion transistors inside. At the press conference, Apple compared the A13 Bionic, which was launched three years ago, and a new, anonymous competitor released this year.

It has a 6-core CPU, including 2 high-performance cores that use 20% less power. The four energy-efficient cores use one-third the power of rival chips. Neural engine up to 16 cores.

6. Camera

In the lens part, the iPhone 14 Pro series has a new 48-megapixel main camera with an aperture of f/1.78 and an equivalent 24m focal length.

The 48-megapixel lens supports 4in1 pixel technology, which means that it can take a photo with 12-megapixel effective pixels, and the overall light intake will be larger than the 12-megapixel lens of the iPhone 13 Pro. At the same time, Apple's lens can capture photos in ProRAW format at 48 million pixels. What's more, an equivalent 2X optical zoom effect can be achieved on the main lens through a composite algorithm.

In terms of photography, the iPhone 14 Pro series is equipped with a 48-megapixel four-in-one sensor, which is officially said to be 65% larger than the previous generation. And it has a second-generation displacement sensor.

The overall light intake is more and the shooting is more stable. This time, the 2X option has been added, which is cropped from 48 million pixels and can get the same optical quality. The 12 million ultra-wide-angle lens will have a certain improvement when shooting macro proofs. The flash is upgraded to an adaptive flash with brighter brightness and improved details.

In terms of camera, it supports up to 4K30 frames and movie mode.

7. Battery life

Up to 23 hours for the iPhone 14 Pro.

Up to 26 hours for the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

It is also worth mentioning that the iPhone 13 Pro series has been removed from the shelves after the update of Apple's official website. The iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 are still on sale.

AirPods Pro 2 parts

1. Sales Time

The pre-sale will start on September 9, and it will be released on September 23.

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 iphone 14 release date September 83

2. Chip

In terms of configuration, Apple's new generation of AirPods Pro is equipped with an H2 chip. The H2 chip has a new active noise reduction function, with its own "advanced computing audio" feature and adaptive transparency mode. Using the depth camera of the iPhone with iOS 16, ear canal profile information can be generated to improve computational audio and spatial audio experiences.

3. Headphone handle & earplugs

Equipped with a new capacitive sensing layer, you can slide to adjust the volume. The addition of larger/smaller earplugs can meet the needs of more consumers, and each earphone can also play a separate audio.

4. Noise reduction

The noise reduction capability is 2 times that of the previous generation, and the adaptive noise reduction function is added. The calculation of 48,000 times per second can be automatically adjusted according to the external noise.

5. Search function

The search function is added to the battery compartment, and the speaker is designed for the first time, which can be played outside when searching. (A cook said: This is an epic upgrade)

6. Charging & battery life:

In terms of battery life, the new AirPods Pro can support 6 hours with a single use, and can be extended to 30 hours with the battery compartment.

Speaking of charging method, while still charging via Lightning, the new generation of AirPods Pro can now use an Apple Watch charger, MagSafe or any Qi wireless charger.

Oh by the way, there is a new lanyard loop on the side of the charging case, which can be used for lanyards. Nothing else has changed, that is, if you want people to know that you are a second-generation Pro, just hang a rope.

Apple Watch Ultra parts

1. Sales Time

With standard cellular network, and will be on sale from September 23

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 iphone 14 release date September 84

2. Appearance:

Case part: Made of titanium and paired with a sapphire glass dial, Apple has created the most informative Pathfinder dial ever.

In terms of straps: new styles of alpine loops, ocean loops and wild trail loops are provided. To match the larger screen size, the Apple Watch Ultra also uses a large titanium case, which provides greater protection than the steel and aluminum versions used on other models. Users can choose from three straps: the Alpine strap, which has a woven strap and a loop; the marine strap that stretches over a wetsuit; and the mountain strap, which is lightweight and adds elasticity, and is also currently available. thinnest strap.

3. Display

The watch features a larger display and a new design for exploration and outdoor activities.

4. Chip

With the new S8 chip, cellular communication will be standard on the Apple Watch Ultra, and the new GPS chip and GPS frequency will address poor GPS signals in some places.

5. Waterproof & Positioning

The multi-band GPS has also been improved to support L1+L5 dual-frequency GPS positioning. The built-in depth gauge supports EN 13319 certification, and the waterproof performance reaches WR100, which can be used in diving environments.

6. Dial functions & side changes

In addition to supporting various professional information, it also has a unique night mode, and the peak screen brightness can reach 2000 nits.

Another change is the side, as the digital crown and side buttons are now placed on a small extension on one edge. The digital crown is slightly sunk into this part, and the purpose is also to increase protection. The strap design also has more unique enhancements to prevent accidental tripping during strenuous exercise. The whole machine has passed the MIL-STD810 military certification.

7. Battery life

Up to 36 hours (regular battery life), and 60 hours after updating (extreme battery life).

8. Oceanic Plus

When the wearer is diving or swimming, the Apple Watch Ultra can launch the app when submerged through the built-in depth gauge to display the current depth, underwater time and water temperature.

According to reports, the watch is certified to the EN13319 standard for diving computers and instruments.

Apple Watch Series 8 and SE II parts

1. Sales Time

Available for pre-order from now on, on sale from September 16.

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 iphone 14 release date September 85

2. Color & Appearance

Apple Watch Series 8

Available in four aluminum colors of the case: Midnight, Starlight, Space Black and Red.

Three stainless steel colors of the case: Silver, Gold, and Graphite Black.

Apple SE II

Available in three colors: Silver, Midnight and Starlight. Apple has redesigned the back cover with a composite nylon material that perfectly matches the appearance of the three cases.

3 Battery life

Apple Watch Series 8 can be used for 18 hours during normal use, which can be extended to 36 hours using low power mode. And this time it supports global roaming, including China Mobile in Hong Kong. It adds a low-power mode that supports features such as disabling the always-on display and automatic exercise detection, boosting the watch's battery life to 36 hours. This feature will also adapt to the Watch Series 4 and other newer models.

4. Brand new temperature sensor

One is near users' wrist and the other is near the display.

Series 8 will continuously monitor the user's body temperature every 5 seconds with an accuracy of 0.1 degrees.

5. Menstrual Period Tracking

Users using iOS 16 and watch OS 9 will be able to receive notifications of menstrual deviations, and data such as heart rate will allow users or doctors to better understand your physical state. Built with a combination of health research and privacy at its core, the watch will take 8 wrist temperature samples every 0.5 seconds at night and check baseline temperature changes during the night.

Periodic patterns can show a biphasic transition, which can indicate whether ovulation occurs, and the estimated period of ovulation can be determined retrospectively. For those who are expecting a baby, the Apple Watch Series 8 will be of great help.

Of course, privacy is also a top priority. Apple claims the data is heavily encrypted. Definitely, users can choose what data to share and with whom.

6. Car accident detection:

Automatically call the emergency hotline in a timely manner after a car accident is detected. Series 8 improves multiple sensors to detect accidents by invoking multiple sensors. It can be detected from front, side, rear-end and even rollover.

Monitor crash data for cars, SUVs, and trucks with one million hours of learning. 'We hope you never have to use these features, but having them will make you feel safer,' Apple says.

7. Battery life

Up to 36 hours (regular battery life), and 60 hours after updating (extreme battery life).

7. Running speed

The Apple Watch SE is equipped with the same chip as the Apple Watch Series 8, and the running speed is increased by 20%.

Well, that's it. This year's Apple conference has come to an end~

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