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How to recover a text message accidentally deleted from Apple phones?

Updated By Cameron On Mar 23, 2023, 6:40 pm

Nowadays, the mainstream way of online chatting has shifted from mobile phone messages to various social software.

Although mobile hotspots and cellular networks have opened a new door to data exchange, many identity related information still needs to be transmitted through mobile phone text messages. How can I recover a mobile phone message that has been accidentally deleted? In fact, the way Apple devices recover deleted information is mainly determined by whether a backup is set up. To restore deleted phone information, please refer to the following three recovery methods.

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Method 1 Restore deleted SMS messages using iCloud cloud backup

How can I recover mobile phone messages that have been accidentally deleted? If you have uploaded the deleted SMS content to the cloud through iCloud, you can use iCloud backup to restore the deleted SMS. Before that, however, two points need to be noted: synchronous deletion of SMS messages between mobile phones and iCloud, recovery of backup, and data clearing.

If the mobile phone and iCloud's SMS are deleted synchronousl

If you turn on the iCloud cloud "SMS" function and "Auto Backup" function when deleting information on your phone, the operation of deleting SMS will be automatically synchronized to iCloud. That is, in this case, you cannot restore deleted SMS messages through iCloud backup.

SMS automatically synced to iCloud

To restore deleted SMS messages from an iCloud backup, you need to first clear all content and settings from your phone. After restoring the default settings on the phone, log in and set the Apple ID for the iCloud backup and select the iCloud backup you want to restore to overwrite it on the phone. That is, before using this method to restore deleted SMS messages, you need to ensure that other information in your phone other than SMS messages is no longer needed or has been backed up.

Specific steps for recovering deleted information from iCloud cloud backup:

Step 1 "Erase all content and settings" in the phone. The specific method is as follows: Open "Settings" > "General" > "Restore" > "Erase all content and settings" > Confirm to erase.

Step 2 Restore factory settings of your phone. Go to the "App and Settings" page according to the setting instructions, and then click the "Restore from iCloud Backup" option. Log in to the Apple ID in the pop-up window, log in to the Apple ID you set for iCloud backup, and select the backup file that you want to restore. After the recovery loading bar is completed, you can enter the mobile phone "Message" to view the deleted SMS.

Method 2 Restore deleted SMS messages from iTunes Backup

How can I recover mobile phone messages that has been accidentally deleted? A similar recovery method to the above is to use iTunes backup to restore deleted SMS messages. Restoring text messages using this method also requires clearing other data from the phone and overwriting it with the data in the iTunes backup. All of this requires confirming whether the original data on the phone has been backed up or is no longer needed.

Please note: Using iCloud to back up your phone's data will change dynamically depending on your actions, while using iTunes to back up your phone's data to your computer will not change the data until it is deleted, so there is no need to worry about this. If you have used iTunes to back up the whole phone data (including deleted information) to the computer, you can perform the following steps to retrieve the deleted SMS.

The specific steps are as follows:

Step 1 Turn off the search function on your phone. The method is to turn on "Settings" - "Apple ID" - "Search" - and turn off the "Find My iPhone" option in the phone. Then, use a USB cable to connect the computer and phone, and open iTunes on the computer.

Step 2 After entering iTunes, click the small phone icon in the upper left corner of the home page, and then click the "Restore backup" option in the backup section of the phone information page. Then the software will pop up a "Backup from Restore" window. Select the backup file set in the pop-up window and click the "Restore" option to start the restoration.

Step 3 After the restoration is complete, you can open the mobile phone information to view the deleted information.

Method 3 Restore deleted SMS via Data recovery software

Due to the non visibility of iTunes backup files, it is not possible to view specific backup content directly on the computer. If you have set up iTunes backup and only want to specifically restore specific deleted phone text messages, you do not want to restore other types of data in your phone. Then there is a software that can meet your needs: iOS data recovery.

iOS data recovery has excellent scanning and recovery technology. You can download and install iOS data recovery on your computer for free, and use this software to scan iTunes backups to selectively recover deleted SMS messages.

Function 1 Scan iTunes backup files to recover mistakenly deleted SMS

Step 1 Install and open the software. On the home page of the software, click "Restore from iTunes Backup" at the lower left corner, select the iTunes backup files to be scanned from the backup list, and click "Start" at the lower right corner to start scanning the iTunes backup file.

 How to recover a text message accidentally deleted from Apple phones

Step 2 After scanning, click the "Information" directory on the left, check the information to be recovered on the left of the list in the middle of the page, and then click the "Recovery" option in the lower right corner to restore the selected information to the specified location on the computer.

 How to recover a text message accidentally deleted from Apple phones2

Tip: Click the list and browse the specific content in the preview box on the right. To accurately search for information, you can also enter keywords in the search bar in the upper right corner.

Function 2 Recover accidentally deleted SMS messages from iOS devices

If there is no backup data, to improve the recovery rate, stop using the device as soon as you delete SMS messages by mistake and use another recovery function of iOS data recovery to recover deleted information from the IOS device.

Step 1 Install and open the software, and connect the mobile phone to the computer using a USB cable. Please first ensure that the phone can connect to iTunes normally, then click the "Restore from IOS Device" option on the upper left of the software home page, and then click the "Start scanning" option at the bottom of the page to scan the phone data.

 How to recover a text message accidentally deleted from Apple phones3

Step 2 Wait until the scanning is complete, and then click "Information" on the left side of the scanning result page. Please check the required information content and click "Recovery" on the lower right corner to restore the deleted mobile phone information to the computer.

 How to recover a text message accidentally deleted from Apple phones4

Tip: If the deleted SMS in the phone is scanned by this software, the font color will be shown as red.

These are three quick ways to retrieve accidentally deleted text messages. You can choose a recovery method based on your backup. In addition, we recommend that you back up your data regularly. Although the backup process can be cumbersome, it is the best method to recover data from backup files after it has been mistakenly deleted.