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Where are Word Temp File Location Stored How to Recover Microsoft Word Temp Files Windows/Mac

Updated By Amy On May 20, 2024, 7:24 pm

"How to recover lost Word document temporary files?"

If you accidentally delete a temporary Word document file due to a system crash, don't worry, we have a way to help you recover it. To help you quickly retrieve all important information saved in Word documents, we will provide you with 5 effective methods to help you solve the problem of recovering temporary files lost in Microsoft Word on Windows/Mac.

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PART 1 Word Document Temporary File Storage Location on Windows

First, let's take a look at where Word document temporary files are located on Windows. If you have Microsoft Word auto-save enabled on your device, temporary files are automatically saved on your PC. You just need to open the C drive and go to Users > Users >AppData> Local >Microsoft>Office>UnsavedFiles to find all unsaved and temporary files.

Be aware, however, that this method may not work in all cases, and sometimes a manual lookup may not be efficient. If you can't find these files, don't be discouraged, we have other solutions. We will share five of the easiest ways to make it easy for you to try to recover all the important information in a Word document. Whether you are a Windows user or a Mac user, there is a solution for you. Come and learn to get lost files back into your hands!

PART 2 How to Recover Word Documents from Temporary Files on Windows

If you are also facing the problem of losing an inaccessible Word temporary file on Windows, then you can try the following four methods to try to recover it.

Method 1 Manually Reocver from Temp Files

Word document not saved how to do? Don't worry, you can try to manually re-manipulate the Word document from the temporary file. If you can find the location of the unsaved file, that's more than half the battle! Once you have found the file, open the file location, select the file you want to recover, and then copy and paste it to the location you want to save. This way, you can continue to use the files.

Method 2 Recover Unsaved Word Documents

Of course, if you're using the Office 365 Word version, Method 2 is even easier. The Microsoft Office Word tool itself provides a feature that can help you recover unsaved documents. You just need to open the MS Word file, then click on "Files", "Manage Documents", and then select the "Recover unsaved documents" option. In the dialog box that pops up, you can find the missing file and save it.

This method is super useful, and you don't have to worry about Word documents not being saved anymore. It is important to note that the functionality provided by Microsoft Office Word to recover any unsaved documents from MS Word is only available for Office 365 Word versions: 2019, 2016, 2013 and 2010 and MS Word for Mac.

Method 3 Enable AutoSave and AutoRecover of MS Word

If you are also worried about accidental loss of Word documents, you can enable MS Word's auto-save feature. Open MS Word, click on the "File" TAB, then select "Options". In the Settings, find the "Auto Save" option and manually enter an arbitrary interval of 5 to 10 minutes. This way, even if there is a sudden power failure or program crash, your documents will be saved in time. At the same time, remember to check the "Keep the last automatically restored version" option to ensure that you can recover unsaved work.

Method 4 Recover Deleted Temporary Word Files from The Recycle Bin

If your documents are accidentally deleted, don't worry, the recycle bin may be your savior. Open the recycle bin, locate the deleted Word document, right-click and select "Recover". This will return the document to its original location, and you will be able to use the document in MS Word again!

PART 3 How to Recover Microsoft Word Temporary Files on Windows/Mac

If you've lost your temporary Word files and can't recover them via recycle bin, etc., don't worry, Geekersoft Data Recovery is here to help you find them!

Geekersoft Data Recovery is a professional data recovery software designed to resolve unsaved or accidentally deleted Word temporary files on your PC.

Key features of Geekersoft Data recovery:

Supports recovery of unsaved files lost due to various reasons, and supports previewing before recovery.

Recover more than 1,000 file types, including files, documents, videos, media, and more.

Geekersoft Data Recovery supports data recovery from hard drives, SD cards, SSDS, and USB flash drives.

Geekersoft Data recovery works for different Windows partitions, including original, formatted, and corrupted partitions.

On how to retrieve Microsoft Word temporary files lost on Windows/Mac using Geekersoft Data recovery, you just need to complete the following steps.

Step 1 Install and start Geekersoft Data Recovery on your computer. Select the storage location for the lost Word temporary file that you want to scan.

Step 2 Geekersoft Data recovery will automatically perform a deep scan for you.

How to Recover Microsoft Word1

Step 3 After the scan is complete, select the file type, for example, check "Document" and browse the displayed files. Preview specific stability details to avoid any misactions. After confirming the information, click "Restore".

How to Recover Microsoft Word2

Step 4 Select the storage path of the recovered Word document. Click "OK".

How to Recover Microsoft Word3

By following these steps, you can view unsaved or missing Word documents on your PC. No longer need to worry about lost Word temporary files, Geekersoft Data recovery is your best solution! Give it a try and stop losing important information!


These are the 5 effective ways to recover Word temporary files that we introduce to you. You can choose the right method according to your needs to easily save any information that is accidentally lost. Among them, Geekersoft Data recovery, powerful, can help you recover various types of data.