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Recovery methods for data loss in solid-state drives

Updated By Amy On May 3, 2023, 5:19 pm

Solid state drives are hard disk products that we use in our daily lives, so for the loss of solid state disk data, solid state disk data loss can be recovered? The majority of SSDS in the market today are NAND flash memory, which means that when a SSD has an accident or lost some data, most of the lost data can be retrieved through some method. However, many friends are not familiar with how to recover data loss in solid-state drives. So here comes the problem! How should data recovery be carried out if there is data loss in solid-state drives? Let's take a look below.

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1. Simple Data Recovery Methods

The time when hard disk data was mistakenly deleted was not long, and the simplest and most direct way to recover data from solid-state drives is through the computer recycling bin.

Operation steps:

Step 1 Open the Recycle Bin on your desktop, find and select the file you want to restore.

Step 2 Select a file and right-click the file to restore it.

2. Professional Recovery Methods

If you do not find the file data to recover in the Recycle Bin, you can use professional tools to recover the file. Is it possible to recover data from solid state drives? The recovery rate of data can be greatly improved through professional software. Here we recommend the software Geekersoft Data Recovery as an example.

The Introduction of Geekersoft Data Recovery

It support the recovery of over 300 file types such as photos, videos, audio, and documents; and it supports devices such as computers/laptops, recycling bins, hard drives, USB drives, mobile hard drives, and digital devices. Furthermore, it also provides technical support, preview before recovery (to avoid wasting time), and one click recovery.

Operation steps:

Step 1 Open the software and select the hard disk partition that you want to restore.

Step 2 Enter the scan and quickly complete the scan. You can click on 'View by Type', and then various file types and formats will be expanded to see if there is any file data you want to recover. You can also select 'View by Path' on the right side to expand the file and display it in the form of a path.

Step 3 Search for the file on the left side of the page. If you find it troublesome, you can also enter the file name or path to search in the "Filter box". Once the file is displayed, hover the mouse arrow over the file you want to recover, and information about the file will appear. Select the file you want to restore and select Recover.

Step 4 Click Restore. The location of the file to be saved will be displayed on the page. Choose the location to save (save the place please do not select the software just scanned path), click save to restore the file to the computer.

Note: The final effect of data recovery is based on the specific scanning results. There are many technical difficulties in recovery, and not all data can be recovered.

3. Recovery Method of Backup Data

We have many important files in our computer. Can we recover the data after the SSD is formatted? If we have backed up the relevant data before the data is lost, when important data files are lost on the device, we can go directly to the backup device to find the files, and then save the data to the desired location on the computer again.

4. Recovery Data Manually

Through multiple methods, there is still a situation where the solid-state drive cannot be inserted and read out. At this point, it is necessary to try manual recovery. By directly detecting the lost data on the hard drive offline, and then using technical means to recover the lost data (manual data recovery requires finding a professional data recovery organization to pay for recovery).

Technicians must pay attention to protecting their own data and related information after data recovery. Can solid-state drive data loss be recovered? I believe you can get your answer in this article. For friends who have lost data, the best solution is to perform data recovery as soon as possible, in order to improve our recovery rate of retrieving lost data!

3. The size of the yard covered by snow is also an factor. If the snow area is larger, the record of footprints being stepped on is smaller, and vice versa. That's why phones with more than 64 gigabytes have a higher recovery rate than phones with 16 gigabytes.

Therefore, we draw a conclusion: the earlier the data recovery, the better, and the higher the recovery rate.

Finally, some reliable suggestions for netizens who need to recover data:

Turn on professional data recovery software to handle data recovery, because improper operations can cause secondary corruption of the data, and the data will never be found.

So how do you find professional mobile data recovery software? Please follow the prompts below to proceed:

1. Open the Geekersoft website to obtain and download the software.

2. Taking Apple data recovery as an example, open the Apple data recovery software, select the recovery source based on personal needs, and then restore the deleted phone data.

To recover lost phone data, it is necessary to choose professional data recovery software. Geekersoft Data Recovery has served over a million users worldwide.

If you need to recover lost data, download it and try it out.