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Experts remind: The sooner the data recovery, the higher the success rate!

Updated By Cameron On May 1, 2023, 9:49 pm

Nowadays, smart phones have become important tools for socializing, taking photos, keeping daily records, and even communicating at work. It can be said that every phone stores a large amount of important data. Can we retrieve important data from our phones when it is accidentally lost? The answer is yes, as long as scientific algorithms and tools are used, there is a chance of recovering previous data. Then you may ask, this recovery rate is related to what factors? The answer is below.

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This starts with the principle of data recovery. To make it easier for you to understand, let's take an example from our daily life:

After a heavy snowfall in winter, the home yard will be completely white, and we left footprints as we walked through it. Just like when we operate a mobile phone, we leave special 'footprints' on the disk media, which is actually our data.

When we accidentally delete data, the system does not actually delete the data, but tells the processor that this area can be erased, which is equivalent to opening the courtyard door and inviting other friends to play in the courtyard in the previous scene. Our previous footprints in the snow are equivalent to the data we left on the device. As long as this footprint is not stepped on by other partners (referred to as data coverage in professional terms), then this data is 100% recoverable. If it is stepped on (covered), there is little chance of recovery.

From this example, it is easy to understand the factors related to the probability of data recovery:

1. If the more friends come to play, the greater the chance of footprints will be covered. The actual scenario corresponds to the frequency of using mobile phones after data loss. For example, wechat chat is frequently used after the loss of wechat chat records.

2. The longer the partners play in the snow, the greater the chance that the footprints will be covered. For example, our photos have been lost for 2-3 years, during which we still use mobile phones to take pictures.

3. The size of the yard covered by snow is also an factor. If the snow area is larger, the record of footprints being stepped on is smaller, and vice versa. That's why phones with more than 64 gigabytes have a higher recovery rate than phones with 16 gigabytes.

Therefore, we draw a conclusion: the earlier the data recovery, the better, and the higher the recovery rate.

Finally, some reliable suggestions for netizens who need to recover data:

Turn on professional data recovery software to handle data recovery, because improper operations can cause secondary corruption of the data, and the data will never be found.

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2. Taking Apple data recovery as an example, open the Apple data recovery software, select the recovery source based on personal needs, and then restore the deleted phone data.

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