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How to restore permanently deleted SD card files?

Updated By Cameron On Nov 12, 2022, 6:47 pm

Sometimes people make the mistake of deleting photos they want to keep, and they must be very anxious. How do I recover files that have been deleted by mistake? This article explains how to restore permanently deleted SD card files?

How to restore permanently deleted sd card files? The Geekersoft Data Recovery Master is a rare free software compared to the current market of software that claims to be free but actually demands a fee whenever you want to export your data. We recommend it for data recovery of SD card files that have been deleted by mistake. In everyday life, people use various devices to take pictures. But the storage capacity of devices is limited, so most people save the photos they take on their computers. Photos carry important information or fond memories, but sometimes people mistakenly delete the photos they want to keep because it's too complicated to process or because they are not skilled at using them. This must be a very anxious time. How do I recover files that have been deleted by mistake?

Restore permanently deleted SD card files

Generally speaking, there are the following methods you can have a try:

First, we can check the recycle bin of the computer. As long as the photos are not permanently deleted, they will be saved in the recycle bin. Click the photo to be restored, right-click and select "Restore File".

But what about permanently deleted files? It is difficult for ordinary users to retrieve the mistakenly deleted photos with the functions of the computer system. However, we can turn to some professional data recovery softwares. The specific steps are as follows:

Step 1: Open your browser, visit "Geekersoft Data Recovery Master", download and install the software;

Step 2: Select the disk to be recovered, then click "Scan" below to find the files, and perform simple operations according to the boot;

 How to recover files deleted by mistake1

Step 3: Find your lost pictures. Generally speaking, if there is no other operation after the deletion, and the scanning is carried out immediately in a short period of time, the probability of retrieving the lost data is very high. At this time, check the found file and click Restore. If there are too many scanning results, you can also click Preview to see the content of each image clearly and intuitively. After checking, you can choose if it needs to be restored.

 How to recover files deleted by mistake3

Restore permanently deleted SD card files summary

In short, the above is the methods of restoring permanently deleted SD card files! Don't worry if you deleted the photos in computer by mistake, you can recover them with a professional data recovery software. As long as you scan in a short time, generally lost data can be found again. However, other operations must not be performed before recovery, otherwise the data may be completely lost for overwriting and cannot be retrieved. Finally, I hope you can use Geekersoft Data Recovery Master to find your lost valuable photos!