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How to recover deleted video files? A reliable way to retrieve deleted videos on a computer

Updated By Cameron On Jan 5, 2023, 8:18 pm

I accidentally deleted the video I was about to finish editing. After trial and comprehensive comparison, we found a video recovery tool can perfectly retrieve deleted videos!

Since I knew that videos can be edited freely like pictures, I began to make crazy edits to my videos. However, things can go wrong. After processing videos all afternoon, I accidentally deleted the video that was about to be finished. After trial and comprehensive comparison, we found a video recovery tool can perfectly retrieve deleted videos! Come and have a look!

Data Recovery (4DDiG), a master of video Recovery

The video recovery software I introduce to you today is "Data Recovery (4DDiG)"! Why only recommend this video recovery software? Read on to see if these reasons are sufficient!

First of all, as a video file recovery software, one of the most important features is "popularity". To be honest, only ordinary users need this kind of video file recovery software; Computer geeks and sophisticated users can recover data with a program easily. As a popular video Recovery software, it needs to be simple and easy to use. Data Recovery(4DDiG) perfectly shows this point.

The simple main interface, without complicated English interference, meets our needs directly and simply. To quickly restore video files, you only need to start, scan, and restore~

Secondly, as a video recovery software, security is very important. Data Recovery (4DDiG) is excellent in this respect. With one click quick scanning, you can not only preview your damaged or lost video files, but also save the video files in our local devices. In this way, security is guaranteed, and you have no worries.

Finally, and most surprisingly, there is a free version of Data Recovery(4DDiG), you can try it. Even if you want to purchase the recovery software registration code, you can preview the files in advance. Try it first and then use it very nice!

Detailed introduction to Data Recovery (4DDiG)

It is mainly for ordinary users, easy to use, just three easy steps to complete the video recovery. The unique core technology algorithm of Data Recovery (4DDiG) makes the video files scanning more accurate, faster and deeper. Of course, Data Recovery (4DDiG) is also very clear about the security issues that everyone is most worried about. In the process of video recovery, it is only completed on your computer, and there is no risk of video file leakage.

Without further ado, let's get started with the simplest, most convenient and most learnable video file recovery "Three Steps"! The specific operations are as follows, we have organized a graphic tutorial for you:

Step 1: Download and start Data Recovery (4DDiG).

Here are two tips we want to share with you in particular: First of all, after your video files are damaged or lost, what you need to do is not rush to find the lost video files, but to stop the rest of the operation, so as to avoid data overwriting and the inability to recover the video files; Secondly, when downloading and installing Data Recovery (4DDiG),
install it on a different hard disk from the video file to be recovered, also to prevent data from being overwritten.

How to recover deleted video files1

Step 2: Select the scanning location. After selecting a location to scan, you can find all kinds of video files. Data Recovery (4DDiG) supports more than ten video file formats, such as avi, mov, mp4, m4v, 3gp, 3g, wmv, asf, flv, swf, mpg, rmvb, etc.

How to recover deleted video files2

Step 3 Preview and restore the video files. As a free trial video recovery tool, Data Recovery (4DDiG) has a unique feature that you can use before recovery, that is, the "Preview" function. Just double-click the scanned video file to preview it online for free. After confirming the preview, check the small box in the lower left corner of the video and click "Restore" in the lower right corner of the main interface to make the video file "restore as original".

How to recover deleted video files3

Summary of Video Recovery

You know what? This Data Recovery (4DDiG) with the title of "Video Recovery Master" can not only recover various video format files, but also restore pictures, audio, archives, e-mail and other types of files in our storage devices without loss! If you want to restore deleted files on Windows or Mac, you can choose the powerful Data Recovery (4DDiG)!