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The Most Recommended 9 Free PDF Readers in 2024

Updated By Cameron On Apr 12, 2023, 6:11 pm

PDF, also known as Portable Document Format, is a file format developed by Adobe Systems for file exchange that is independent of applications, operating systems, and hardware. PDF files are commonly used by individuals and businesses in the workplace. It can ensure accurate restoration of all contents in the document, including any character, and will not cause text, images, table garbled or typographical errors during uploading or printing, so it is widely used. However, for both PCs and smartphones, you need the correct PDF reader installed on your device to read PDF files. This article will introduce you to The most recommended 9 free PDF readers in the industry. You can make a reasonable choice based on the features, advantages and disadvantages of each PDF reader.


GeekerPDF- PDF Editor is a comprehensive PDF reader and editor with many functions including viewing, editing, and managing PDF documents. With Geeker PDf-PDF Editor, users can view PDF files anytime, anywhere on their laptops and desktops devices. GeekerPDF is very compatible and works well with all versions of Windows from Windows XP to Windows 11. GeekerPDF has become one of the most popular Windows PDF readers because of its superior performance and user-friendly interface design. GeekerPDF- PDF Editor is also second to none in speed and performance due to GeekerPDF's strong PDF technology background.

The Most Recommended 9 Free PDF Readers1


  • Support reading PDFs, creating PDFs, annotating PDFs, editing PDFs, converting PDFs, signing PDFs, adding watermarks, adjusting and rotating graphic objects in PDF documents, and setting passwords for PDFs.
  • Its OCR function supports 17 popular languages.
  • Its drag and drop function supports quick changes to viewing mode.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface.
  • Over 300 different formats can be loaded.
  • Embedded OCR features help users easily view scanned images.

2.Wondershare PDF Reader

Speaking of PDF readers, Wondershare PDF Reader is a lightweight PDF freeware that is not to be missed. It provides all PDF functions, including creating, viewing, commenting, signing, and managing PDFS. The best feature of Wondershare PDF Reader is that it provides users with 3D view reading and other eye protection view modes, such as day, night, parchment and eye protection, very user-friendly.

The Most Recommended 9 Free PDF Readers2


  • Equipped with all the basic functions of a PDF reader (viewing, converting, commenting, and signing, etc.).
  • 3D view reading and multiple view modes are available.
  • Provide four solutions for creating PDFS from multiple formats.
  • Screen capture is supported.
  • Completely free PDF reader.

3. PDF-Xchange Reader

Another PDF reader that many users are familiar with is the PDF Xchange Viewer. It can help users view, edit, and manage PDF files. It also includes other additional features, such as processing multiple files at once. It is compatible with all Windows systems (from Windows XP to Windows 10).

The Most Recommended 9 Free PDF Readers3


  • Support batch processing of multiple PDF files.
  • Equipped with almost all the standard features of PDF readers, such as bookmarks.
  • Support for creating PDF files from links, or from existing files.


  • The free version has limited functionality.
  • The cost is relatively high.

4. Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader is a reader with many functions. It is perfectly compatible with all Windows systems and is a PDF reader for Windows.

The Most Recommended 9 Free PDF Readers4


  • The interface is similar to Microsoft products.
  • Support for viewing text in PDF combinations.
  • Create tabs for the custom views.
  • With professional and powerful PDF reading, creation, editing and management functions.


  • The system is unstable and crashes frequently.
  • You can encounter bugs when viewing or opening PDF documents in Windows.
  • The trial version is quite different from the official version.

5. PDF Reader

As the name suggests, this is a full-featured PDF reader that helps users create, edit, view and annotate PDF files on Windows in a simple and easy way.

The Most Recommended 9 Free PDF Readers5


  • Equipped with various PDF viewing and processing functions.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.


  • When OCR crashes, it runs slowly.

6. Adobe® Acrobat® Reader

As you all know, Adobe® Acrobat® Reader is known for its professional performance as an advanced program that supports creating, viewing, and merging PDF files. However, the functionality of the reader is too complex to be operated by people without a technical background. It works with Windows 2012 R2, Server 2008 R2/7/8/10.

The Most Recommended 9 Free PDF Readers6


  • Powerful and one of the best free PDF readers.
  • Simple and practical.
  • The interface design is concise.


  • Its PDF processing capabilities are limited.
  • PDF conversion and export take a long time.

7.Expert PDF Reader

Expert PDF Reader provides users with free PDF viewing and processing services. It's compatible with Windows XP-Windows 10, and Expert PDF Reader is a great choice if you need to edit or annotate PDF files.

The Most Recommended 9 Free PDF Readers7


  • Support for creating, editing, and viewing PDFs.
  • Intuitive interface and core PDF processing capabilities.


  • Fewer features.
  • Not suitable for advanced users.

8. Sumatra PDF Reader

Sumatra PDF Reader is a lightweight PDF reader with the basics of PDF viewing and processing. It works with various versions of the Windows operating system, such as the previous XP, Vista, 7, 8 and the latest Windows 10.

The Most Recommended 9 Free PDF Readers8


  • Its built-in EasyStart allows users to quickly view, edit, preview, and convert PDF files.
  • Saves time and allows for transformation previews.
  • Support advanced functions such as customizing profiles, adding watermarks, and merging multiple files.
  • Provide CBR or comic book reader mode.
  • Easy to use.


  • Fewer features.
  • The optimization control effect is not significant.

9. SlimPDF Reader

SlimPDF Reader is a PDF reader and editor that can run on various Windows platforms. Its function is simple, the page design is user-friendly, novice can also quickly grasp.

The Most Recommended 9 Free PDF Readers9


  • Simple and intuitive.
  • Smooth use.


  • Only basic PDF functionality is supported.
  • Compared to other PDF readers in the industry, its competitiveness is not strong.


Q1 How to choose the best PDF reader in Q1?

Repeated trial and comprehensive comparison can help you choose the most suitable PDF reader. If you are looking for the best PDF viewer on Windows 10, GeekerPDF is the perfect choice as it can help you read, create annotations, and edit PDFs on Windows. It supports all file formats, and PDF files are loaded, converted, and moved quickly, which can improve your work efficiency. It has clear and visible submenus and a simple navigation PDF reader, which is deeply loved by users. Overall, GeekerPDF is a comprehensive PDF reader and editor that can provide you with a first-class user experience. Most free PDF readers are suitable for beginners and useful, while paid versions for professionals/advanced users. Of course, you can try other PDF readers recommended in this article.

Q2 Which is the best PDF reader for Windows 11?

If you want to view PDF files on the latest operating system of Windows 11, this article recommends top-level PDF readers such as GeekerPDF, Adobe Acrobat DC, and Foxit to meet your needs.

Q3 What are the advantages of Foxit Reader and Adobe Acrobat Reader?

Adobe Acrobat Reader and Foxit are well-known. Adobe Acrobat Reader is more professional and has more features, while Foxit Reader is smaller and offers more free features. You can check out the pros and cons of Foxit Reader and Adobe Acrobat Reader above.

Q4 What is the best PDF reader for office scenarios?

GeekerPDF, Foxit, Adobe and other PDF readers can meet the needs of individuals or enterprises to read, edit, annotate, sign and manage PDF.