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Top 8 reliable alternative Websites to KissAsian to watch Asian Series, Movies and Shows

Updated By Soha On Oct 4, 2022, 2:13 pm

Korean and Asian drama fans to watch Asian movies, dramas and variety shows. If you are a fan of Korean and Asian dramas, you will know that KissAsian can be inaccessible from time to time. At this time, a website like KissAsian is very necessary. In this article, we will recommend Top 8 reliable alternative Websites to KissAsian to watch Asian Series, Movies and Shows etc.

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Top 8 reliable alternative Websites to KissAsian

1. Viki

Website: https ://www.viki.com/

Viki is a very famous and popular video site. Many users watch top Chinese programs and top Korean programs here. On its homepage, click on "Categories" to see categories such as Romantic Comedy, Costume, Crime & Mystery, Variety, Action, Fantasy, Family & Kids, while under the "Other" option it also includes New & Coming Soon, Paid Content , Free Watch, Watch Party, Fan Highlights, and more. Click on "The App" to instantly download and install the app, which allows you to watch videos from the site offline. The website offers more than 200 languages for users to choose from, including English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Spanish and German, which covers almost all the most mainstream languages in the world. That may be one of the reasons for its widespread popularity. The media that cooperate with it include china zone, HBN, HUACE FILM& TV, media aravan, etc.

Top 8 reliable alternative Websites to KissAsian1


Website: https://www.kocowa.com/

Kocowa is a video streaming platform similar to KissAsian. On its homepage, users can choose Korean dramas, mainland dramas, Taiwanese dramas, Japanese dramas, and others to watch videos that they are interested in. Variety shows such as MBC, KBS and SBS can also be watched here. It also provides a "Community" for users to communicate and share their experience of watching dramas, and recommend their favorite videos. In addition, it also provides an application download portal, so users can choose AndroidTV, Chromecast, AppleTV, FireTV according to their devices. It works well on PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. Overall, its interface is simple and easy to use. However, a subscription is required to use its services.

Top 8 reliable alternative Websites to KissAsian2

3. Dramakoreaindo

Website: https://dramakoreaindo.com

As the name suggests, Dramakoreaindo features video content from South Korea and Indonesia. Of course, the videos are subtitled in English as well. So if you are interested in the adventure, history, fantasy and romance of South Korea, Indonesia and other Asian countries, you may want to check them out. It offers HD quality from 120P to 1080P, and 14 day free tial. The disadvantage is that there are many advertisements on the Dramakoreaindo page, which affects the user experience.

Top 8 reliable alternative Websites to KissAsian3

4. WeTV

Website: https://wetv.vip/en/

Similar to KissAsian, WeTV is also a very good website for watching Korean dramas, mainland dramas, Taiwan dramas and other Asian dramas for free. On its homepage, you can choose from categories like Drama, Entertainment, Anime, Films, Documentary, etc. And its "Trending Now" is a intuitive list of popular episodes in China, South Korea, Thailand and other places. It offers HD picture quality and subtitles. It works very well, and has no ads. Com and enjoy the oriental culture.

Top 8 reliable alternative Websites to KissAsian4

5. Myasiatv

Website: https://myasiatv.cc/

Myasiatv is a highly recommended platform for watching Asian series and variety shows. It offers Dramas, Movies and Shows from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines and more. The site updates very quickly and you can basically watch it simultaneously with local netizens in Asia without "time difference". In the Recently Drama section of its homepage, you can see the latest updates of various dramas, such as the one updated 6 hours ago, or updated 17 hours ago, or updated one day ago, etc., so that you can know whether your favorite Drama has been updated or not. It also recommends numerous "Most Popular Series", which is very convenient for chasing dramas. In addition, its subtitles and video quality are particularly high.

Top 8 reliable alternative Websites to KissAsian5

6. ViewAsian

Website: https://viewasian.co/

ViewAsian is also a website that provides dramas and variety shows from Korea, China, Taiwan and other Asian regions. Of course, you can also listen to music, watch movies, etc. here. If you want to watch a certain type of show, you can search directly or check the synopsis, which is very intimate. It provides different servers like Asianload, Standard Server, Streamtape to ensure you can enjoy the best viewing experience.

Top 8 reliable alternative Websites to KissAsian6

7. Hulu

Website: https://www.hulu.com/welcome

Hulu is a very cool and high-quality streaming video service platform that you must not miss. Here you can get endless entertainment, live sports, and the shows and movies you love. You can enjoy past & current TV shows, new & classic movies, Hulu originals, premiums. Its video quality and subtitles are top notch, as is the viewing experience. However, to enjoy its high-quality service, it is necessary to pay a fee.

Top 8 reliable alternative Websites to KissAsian7

8. MyDramaList

Website: https://mydramalist.com/

Last on our list of recommendations is MyDramaList. Users can watch their favorite Asian episodes here and share each other's favorite episodes with other users. If you sign up, you can watch it for free. MyDramaList will create your DramaList for you based on the broadcast time so you never miss upcoming episodes or shows.

Top 8 reliable alternative Websites to KissAsian8


Watching TV series online is a good way to have leisure and entertainment. The 8 drama watching websites in this article will help you very well. On these websites, you can search for your favorite global TV series, and you can choose the one you want to watch. Of course, if you want to save the episodes of these sites to enjoy locally, you can also use YT Saver to download HD episodes in batches. Finally, if you have a better suggestion, let us know in the comments.