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How to compress image size

Updated By Tom On Jul 7, 2022, 5:51 pm

When using electronic photos, it is usually necessary to compress the size of the image so that it can be easily sent by e-mail, and it is best to keep the sharpness unchanged of the photos before and after compression. Because it is very important to maintain the quality and clarity of the compressed image.

how to compress image size

How important is image compression?

Many users may ask this question: Under what circumstances do you need to compress photos?

By compressing the image to reduce the image size, you will gain the following advantages:

  • Reduce page load time and speed up display.
  • Free storage space and occupy memory of mobile phone/computer.
  • Share images easily and quickly via email, social networks, and more.

In addition, some websites require that the size of the image cannot exceed a certain amount when uploading images, but the images to be uploaded are too large, so the photos also need to be compressed.

What happens if the image is not compressed before publishing to the website:

  • The page loading speed drops and the entire page will take a long time to load, which results in fewer visitors, poorer conversion rates, and lower revenue.
  • If the image is too large, accessing it will occupy traffic resources, resulting in wasted traffic. In this case, image compression is the most correct solution.
  • Some websites have restrictions on the size of uploaded photos. If the picture isn't uploaded successfully, then you will not be able to complete the work on this part of the websites.


How to compress image size?

Image compression is the technical processing of image files, which can reduce image size. At the same time, quality loss needs to be kept to a minimum. The essence of various image compression algorithms on the market is roughly the same. The image or duplicate colors will be removed from the file by the service, so that the image is optimized to be the same as the original. In principle there is no visual change, but the size of the file itself will become smaller.

Two ways to compress a photo:

  • Compress images without loss of quality. It's usually similar to creating a ZIP file. After receiving it, decompress it. This does not reduce the size of the image file itself, but only reduces the file size for transmission.
  • Compressed photos with slight quality loss. Remove images or duplicate colors from the file, thereby reducing the size of the picture. This kind of processing is basically difficult to find the difference between the before and after photos.

Here we strongly recommend that you use Geekersoft Free Online Image Compressor to reduce the image size by 70-90% without losing quality.

How to reduce the size of a photo

Geekersoft Free Online Image Compressor will allow you to operate as simple as possible, without downloading and installing on your computer, and without any professional skills, just 1 click to complete high-quality compression.

How to compress photos:

Preparations of retrieving deleted messages:

1. Go to the Geekersoft Free Online Image Compressor page.

how to compress image size1

2. Click "Select File" to upload the image.

how to compress image size2

3. Then wait for a few seconds for the system to the image automatically, and then click "Download" to finish. In particular, Geekersoft Free Online Image Compressor supports batch compression.

how to compress image size3

How to compress images on a smartphone?

If the images that need to be optimized are in the phone memory and you need to compress their size urgently, you can open this website from the browser of your smartphone and perform the same operations. The operation process and functions in the mobile phone are same as the desktop version.


Advantages of Geekersoft Free Online Image Compressor

This online tool can compress files in three formats simultaneously: JPEG, PNG, and GIF. And you can compress up to dozens of images at the same time, all for free.

Geekersoft Free Online Image Compressor is a online image compression service that does not need to be installed on your computer. Just open your favorite Internet browser, visit the website and start working with photos. No risk of malicious files being downloaded to your computer. No time wasted installing and activating the free version. Every user has full access to all functions.

You can quickly compress images through pages without queuing. Each client uses the tool independently, without waiting for processing to complete. It can effectively reduce the time of image processing.

User data will not stored on the server, so it always belongs to you.