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How to Recover Lost iPhone Data without Backup in 2024? (iOS 17 Supported)

Updated By Amy On Apr 2, 2024, 8:12 pm

"How to recover lost data on my iPhone without backup? My iPhone stores many photos, videos, and documents of important moments, such as graduation ceremonies, weddings, and birthday parties. Is there any way to quickly recover them?"

In fact, many users have faced the situation of losing iPhone data without backup. Because not every iPhone user regularly backs up their data. What should they do when they find that there is no available backup to restore their iPhone? Don't worry, this article will introduce several methods for recovering lost iPhone data or files without iTunes and iCloud backups. Taking into account factors such as recovery speed and success rate, we recommend using iOS Data Recovery to quickly and securely recover lost data from your iPhone.

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PART 1 Can I recover lost iPhone data without backing it up?

Data loss is a problem that many iPhone users face. If you haven't backed it up before, then you have found the right article. After losing data on the iPhone, these lost data did not immediately disappear completely. They may be hidden or permanently deleted when you restore them to factory Settings. Deleted/lost data is still on your iPhone before the user performs factory restore, they are simply transferred from the "assigned" folder to the "unassigned" folder. These files only disappear from your device when you use it and create new data and take up "unallocated" space. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you stop using your iPhone as soon as you become aware of data loss to avoid permanent data loss. You can then use third-party tools to access the iOS database and recover lost iPhone data without any backup. See Part 2 on how to recover lost iPhone data without backup!

PART 2 How to Recover Lost Data from iPhone Without Backup [No Data Lost]

The tool we're going to cover here is iOS Data Recovery, which is one of the best iPhone data recovery software for recovering lost data on iOS devices. It supports recovery of lost data directly from the iPhone, including important items like photos, videos, and contacts, as well as data from popular third-party apps like WhatsApp, LINE, KiKi, and wechat. You just need to use this program to retrieve attachments such as photos and chat messages.

If you are also looking for a way to recover your iPhone Data, then iOS Data Recovery is the best choice for you.

Regarding how to use iOS Data Recovery to recover lost data from an iPhone without backup, you only need to complete the following steps.

Step 1 Start iOS Data Recovery and connect your iOS device

Install and start the iOS Data Recovery program on your computer, select "iPhone Recovery" in the data recovery mode to start. The file types that iOS Data Recovery can recover will be displayed in a pop-up window. Choose the data type you need. Then connect the iOS device to the computer according to the prompts of iOS Data Recovery.

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How to Recover Lost iPhone Data without Backup2

Step 2 Scan iOS devices to find lost iPhone data

After clicking "Scan", iOS Data Recovery will automatically start scanning the selected file type for you. The precise scanning supported by iOS Data Recovery will greatly reduce the time spent searching for lost data.

How to Recover Lost iPhone Data without Backup3

Step 3 Preview and recover lost data

The lost data found by iOS Data Recovery will be displayed in the scan results. Click and preview the specific content of each item under each category, then select the content that needs to be restored. Then click "Restore" and select a suitable storage location locally on the computer to recover the found data.

How to Recover Lost iPhone Data without Backup4

Users only need three steps to use iOS Data Recovery to locate lost iPhone data without any impact on existing data on the device! When you face iPhone data loss and no backup, iOS Data Recovery is your lifeline! However, to ensure data security, regularly backing up iPhone data is your best choice.

Part 3 FAQs on Restoring Lost iPhone Data without Backup

Q1 If the iPhone is reset, can the data be recovered?

Yes, but only if the data isn't already overwritten. This is where professional Data Recovery tools like iOS Data Recovery come in.

Q2 If the data was deleted a year ago, can it be recovered?

This depends on whether the data is fully covered. If not, you can use data recovery software to retrieve the deleted data. Also, if there is a backup, it is a good idea to restore the backup files.

Q3 How long does it take to recover lost data if there is no backup?

This depends on the method used, the type of data, and the degree of data loss. Recovery using iOS Data Recovery can be relatively quick, while using built-in iOS features can take longer. However, it is always a good habit to back up your device regularly to avoid the hassle of data loss.


If you also face the problem of losing data without a backup, then read this article carefully. iOS Data Recovery can recover lost iPhone data without backup. This data recovery tool will help you deal with any possible risk of data loss, allowing you to recover your lost data with maximum probability.

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