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How to Delete Multiple/All Contacts on iPhone13/12/11

Updated By Cameron On Mar 21, 2022, 10:28 am

You may need to delete some contacts on your iPhone in daily life. The iPhone allows you to delete one contact at a time, and if you have a lot of contacts to delete, it might be inconvenient. The following page will introduce some methods to delete contacts from iPhone address book in batches. Let's read it together!

Option 1: Delete Contacts Directly in iPhone Address Book

The iPhone contacts in the address book cannot be deleted in batches. You can only delete a single person one by one. The specific operation methods are as follows: 1. Open the address book on your iPhone and select the contact you want to delete. 2. In the contact details interface, click the "Edit" option in the upper right corner. 3. Then scroll down to the bottom and click the "Delete Contact" option. 4. When prompted, please click the "Delete Contact" option again.

Option 2: Batch delete through the iCloud page

1. Visit the web version of iCloud (https://www.icloud.com) on your computer, and log in with the same Apple ID as your phone. 2. After logging in, click the "Contacts" icon on the page. 3. Then you can see the contacts in the address book of your iPhone. At this time, you can press and hold the Ctrl key on the keyboard and use the mouse to select all the contacts you want to delete. 4. Next, please click the "Settings" icon in the lower left corner of the page, and then click the "Delete" option.5. If you want to clear all contacts, just like the previous step, click the "Settings" option in the lower left corner and then select "Select All".

Option 3: Permanently Delete by Using Other third-party Softwares

1. Here we take "phoneClean" as an example, you can download it for free below, and open the software after its installation completed.

Free Trial for Win Free Trial for Mac

2. Connect your iPhone to the computer via a USB cable, phoneClean will automatically detect and recognize your iPhone device.

delete contacts on iphone1

3. Data backup(this step can also be skipped): in view of the importance of your data, the program will automatically back up your data before cleaning junk files. So that if you accidentally delete data, it can be recovered.

delete contacts on iphone2

4. When the backup is finished, the system will scan and prepare the files to be cleaned up. You can view the details through "Sensitive Data" and select the contacts to be deleted.

delete contacts on iphone3

Click the "Back" button in the upper left corner when you finish selection.

delete contacts on iphone4

5. Finally click the "Clean" button to delete all the selected contacts.To ensure a smooth cleaning process, please keep your device connected until it finishes.

delete contacts on iphone5

There are certain risks in clearing the address book. If you delete useful contacts due to improper operation, you can try to retrieve the contacts by using the the following softwares.

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