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How to Recover Photos after Factory Reset Android without Backup

Updated By Soha On Mar 24, 2024, 5:14 pm

"How to recover lost photos on Android phones after Factory Reset?"

Sometimes we have to restore factory settings because we forget our password or our phone is attacked by a virus. If there is no backup, all important data such as photos and videos in the phone will be lost. But don't worry, even if you don't have a backup, there are ways to recover lost photos. We will provide you with a detailed introduction to several effective methods for recovering lost photos after restoring factory settings on Android phones.

PART 1 Can Lost Photos Be Restored without Backup after Factory Reset?

If you want to recover lost photos after the phone is restored to factory Settings without a backup, you need a professional Data Recovery tool such as Android Data Recovery. This tool can help you restore your phone data without a backup. It supports multiple data recovery modes, including recovering lost photos, videos, contacts, and more from Android devices. Also, you can freely scan and preview your data before recovery, ensuring that you can quickly find the photos you need. Using the tool is as simple as connecting your phone to your computer and following the prompts.

PART 2 How to Restore Deleted Photos and Videos after Factory Reset without Backup, No Root Required?

Are you still worried about lost photos and videos after your phone was restored to factory Settings? You can choose Android Data Recovery, which is a safe and reliable tool that can help you quickly recover lost data on your Android device. Android Data Recovery not only supports the recovery of photos and videos from Google Drive and phone memory, but also supports the recovery of contacts, call logs, documents, audio, WhatsApp, calendar and many other data types. Even if you don't have a backup, you can try using this tool to restore your data. And you can choose to recover specific files according to your needs. Android Data Recovery does not require any root privileges and is very easy to use.

If you didn't back up your photos and videos before restoring your phone to factory Settings and want to restore it, then you can use Android Data Recovery (UltData). It's the perfect tool. It also works well with WhatsApp and doesn't require any root privileges.

On how to use Android Data Recovery(UltData) to restore photos and videos after restoring factory Settings without a backup, you just have to complete the following steps.

Step 1 Download and install Android Data Recovery(UltData) on your computer. Click "Recover Mobile Phone Data" on the home screen.

How to Recover Photos after Factory Reset Android without Backup1

Step 2 Enter the brand and model of the Android device so that the data recovery tool can download its data package.

How to Recover Photos after Factory Reset Android without Backup2

Step 3 Connect your Android phone to your computer using a USB cable. Follow the prompts for Android Data Recovery(UltData) to put your phone in download mode.

How to Recover Photos after Factory Reset Android without Backup3

Step 4 Select the type of data to be restored, for example, photos. Even if there is no backup, the tool will scan the device for the selected data type.

How to Recover Photos after Factory Reset Android without Backup4

Step 5 After the scan is complete, preview all recoverable photos on the device. Then select the file you want to recover and click "Recover".

Moreover, it has a user-friendly interface, easy to understand the operation, no professional technical knowledge. What's even more exciting is that it supports more than 6,000 Android devices, no matter which brand, which model, you can easily cope with. At the same time, the recovery success rate of this tool is very high, giving you more peace of mind in the process of recovering data.

PART 3 How to Recover Photos after Factory Reset Android for Free, without Computer?

How to restore my photos after restoring my Android device to factory Settings? There are many ways to recover photos, and in this section we will discuss two methods that do not require a computer.

1 Retrieve Photos for Free Using Local Backup after Factory Reset, without Computer

The first way is through a local backup. Users need to back up their photos to an SD card or built-in storage before restoring them to factory Settings. After restoring factory Settings, you can restore the photos by simply importing the backup file to the device. Here are the steps to restore photos after restoring factory Settings using a local backup.

Step 1 Boot up your Android device and go to "Settings" > "Accounts and Backup".

Step 2 Choose "Backup and Restoration" > "Restore Data".

Step 3 After selecting the photos you want to recover, the photos will be restored to your phone.

Method 2 After Factory Reset Use Google Account to Retrieve Lost Photos for Free, without Computer

Another way is through a Google account. If users have automatic backup turned on in Google Photos, restoring photos is very simple. Users can find deleted photos simply by logging into their Google account, opening Google Photos, and finding the "Recycle Bin" option. The photos remain in the recycle bin for 60 days, during which time users can restore them. All you need to do is complete the following steps to restore your photos after factory Settings are restored using your Google account.

Step 1 Enable automatic backup in Google Photo. Choose Settings > Accounts and Backup > Backup and Restore. You will then see the "Back up My Data" option under your Google account options. Make sure to back up all of your device's data, including photos and videos.

Step 2 Restore the Android phone to factory Settings. Sign in with the same Google account on your Android device. The phone will automatically detect backups in your Google account and restore data from your account after you confirm it.

FAQs about How to Restore Photos after Factory Reset

Q1 Can deleted photos be recovered after the Android phone is restored to factory Settings?

The answer is yes! If you accidentally delete important photos, don't get too anxious because you can recover them in a variety of ways. First, you can check your local or Google account backup to see if any of the backup photos can be recovered. If not, don't worry, because there is also a way to help you recover your photos. That is to use the professional Data Recovery tool Android Data Recovery(UltData). This tool is very simple to use and does not require rooting to be used.

Q2 How to restore photos after free factory Settings on Android?

If you want a free photo Recovery tool, then Android Data Recovery is a good choice. This tool can help you recover photos, videos, and all types of data that your phone can hold. It has a trial version that you can download and try out.


Restoring factory Settings may be a common action for many friends who use Android devices, but it also means that data will be wiped clean, including those precious photos. However, with professional Data Recovery tools like Android Data Recovery, recovering photos is no longer a problem. This tool has advanced recovery technology and is able to recover different types of data without backup, including photos, videos, documents and more. If you also need to recover photos, try Android Data Recovery tool. It makes your data recovery easier and faster, so give it a try!